Jalopnik has a new show exploring interesting builds and project cars

Stef Shrader is jumping onto the Jalopnik YouTube channel to bring her Build of the Week column into the video realm. First up for the series? A Delorean that’s been modified to fit a pair of rear seats.
The owner wanted to bring his kids along on his DMC adventures, so he modified his Delorean with a completely different rear-end setup. This allowed him to remove the parcel shelf space that is normally behind the front seats of a Delorean. Once that was gone, he could create rear seats with proper belts and he now has a ride he loves and shares with his family.

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4 responses to “Jalopnik has a new show exploring interesting builds and project cars”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    So now you can load it up with more people and go EVEN SLOWER? These cars could barely get out of their own way with a single driver on board.
    I admire the guy for his passion, though.

    1. crank_case Avatar

      Even if you used a standard Alpine non Turbo engine you’re already up 20BHP plus you’ve a more compact, lighter rear suspension/drivetrain assembly that offers a superior double wishbone suspension setup over the standard trailing arm.
      I know hindsight is a great thing but it makes you wonder why the car wasn’t setup that way in the first place. Would have had even more appeal as a 2+2.

  2. mrh1965 Avatar

    remarkable engineering project

  3. Manxman Avatar

    I like it, but then again I like DeLoreans.