Jalopnik examines some of the wonderful, wild machines from Bonneville World of Speed

When you want to go truly fast, you head to Bonneville. That’s where Speed Week and the World of Speed unfold on a seemingly endless sea of dried salt. Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinsky was there to watch a Volkswagen Jetta have a go at a speed record of its own. It’s the other machines, however, that captured Torch’s attention and he’s sharing photos of them over on Jalopnik.
Once such machine is the wild custom Beetle you see above. It competes in a 36-horsepower class and its owner has the original record for this class, which he set way back in 1961. Now his car is powered by a two-cylinder 750-cc engine wearing a supercharged from an 80’s Thunderbird and a set of carburetors from a snowmobile.
Head over to Jalopnik for a ton more photos and more information on some amazing machines striving for glory on the salt.
[Source: Jalopnik]

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