Jack Diamond is back to teach you how to score a deal

Jack Diamond is a man person that doesn’t play games. Jack knows how to score deals, even if it means rolling over chumps that don’t fully disclose all the details in their well-written and info-packed ad listings.
His latest mark? The seller of a rather clean Fox Body Mustang. Let’s see if Jack Diamond can acquire his prize by taking down another chump.

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12 responses to “Jack Diamond is back to teach you how to score a deal”

  1. Harry Callahan Avatar
    Harry Callahan

    What a jackass.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      I mean… you get that it’s humor here, right? At least *I* think it’s funny.

      1. Harry Callahan Avatar
        Harry Callahan

        I just not my kind of humor….
        At the same time…am very pleased he is successful. We need as many escapes to Autolandia as possible…!

        1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
          Jeff Glucker

          fair enough

    2. Victor Avatar

      Do-rag- check Shades-check Smirk-check….give me a break.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    I can’t believe he missed the super easy trick of just asking the seller “what’s your best price?” Because obviously the number being asked for was pulled out of thin air, and the seller will bow to your calling their bluff.

    1. Rudy™ Avatar

      We used to joke about “best price” at one of my former workplaces. (We were an industrial distributor.) If we had an item at, say, $45, a customer would ask for a better price, or, “what is your best price?” We had always been tempted to say “$55.” The customer never stated if the price should be better for him/her, or better for *us*. ;o)
      Although given today’s Craigslist attitudes, I’m very tempted to reply with a higher-than-listed price when one of those lowballers offers to relieve me of my item for about a third of what its actual value is…

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        Have you heard the story about David Brown (owner of Aston Martin 1947-72) being asked by one of his upper-class friends if he would sell him a DB5 for cost price, and being told “Certainly, that will be a thousand pounds more than the list price!”

  3. Victor Avatar

    Got the shades,the do-rag and the smirk. He must be smarter than us.

  4. outback_ute Avatar

    I was waiting for a baseball bat to appear when he went back to steal it

  5. Area man Avatar
    Area man

    Barf encrusted jumbo jerk!