I'm Thankful For: Baja

It’s down there right now, waiting for me to come back. And I will. I need to return. To feel the dust on my skin. To hear the burble of the engine behind my head. To see the tires drop away as the suspension is temporarily relieved of its duties because the buggy has taken to the sky. For just a moment. But that moment repeats, and it’s entertaining as hell every single time.
I’m thankful for Baja, Ensenada, and the off-road wonder that exists on a sliver of Mexico that’s cozied up to the Pacific Ocean. Can you rip a buggy across trails and dunes here in the states? Of course you can. Does it feel just a bit more exciting down in Mexico? Absolutely.
And like I said, I’m going back. I just need to figure out how to make it happen.

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