iKamper reduces waste with its ReCovery Collection

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. That seems to be a pretty easy concept, right? Putting it into practice can be harder than it seems, however, as tons of companies either don’t care or don’t put in enough effort for it to matter. The folks at iKamper are looking at the problem and doing something about it in their own unique way. iKamper is an outdoor equipment brand, which you probably know best from their line of roof-top tents. They also produce a handful of camp-related cooking and sleeping items, as well as some storage and organization gear. Well now they have a line of items that are part of what’s called the ReCovery Collection, and it’s all built around the extra “throwaway” textile that arises during the building of the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 tents.

The material is now repurposed into items you can use when you’re out on a weekend adventure or even around the house. iKamper has created a rain poncho, firewood carrier, apron, and a tote bag. Because these items are made from the material used to build the tents, they’re all strong and also rainproof.

And they’re not priced to some crazy level either. The rain poncho is the most expensive item at $100. Next is the apron which is $80. Then the firewood carrier and daily tote bag are both priced at $60. They all look nicely made and should hold up to any abuse you throw their way.

All of these items launched today April 20th, and are now available on the iKamper website or at their new showroom in Kent, Washington. I’m going to try to get my hands on some myself to put them to the test on some upcoming camping trips and will report back once I put them to work.

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