Hyundai Veloster N has an anti-lag system

Our friend Jason Fenske (Engineering Explained) recently took a deep dive into all things Hyundai Veloster N. The automaker invited a number of folks to the Nürburgring to test the new performance machine on a grand stage. One of things that Fenske discovered is that this Veloster isn’t just snapping, popping, and crackling simply for making its best race car impression; the setup actually serves as an anti-lag system.
When you hear a car pop and snap during throttle overrun or between shifts, it’s because the engine is burning up a tiny bit of excess fuel. That fuel is purposefully added just so you get the “cool noises” that are now available on seemingly every car out there. We blame the Jaguar F-Type and modern Audi products for this proliferation of noise, but we don’t hate it either when it’s done right. Just don’t start doing it on the Chrysler Pacifica.
With the Veloster N, Hyundai do use the system for the noise factor. But it’s also there to serve as a means to keep the turbocharger spooled up. It does this by injecting fuel late in the combustion process. After top dead center, fuel is added as the piston has already started moving down. This happens while the exhaust valve is open so the combustion process continues in the exhaust manifold.
This isn’t great for power, but it is good at keeping the turbocharger spooled up. This is why it occurs when you’re off throttle. This is a time when you don’t need a maximized piston power stroke and instead can have the benefit of forced induction primed and ready to go. Once back on the throttle, the cam timing is back to normal and your spark and fuel mix just before top dead center.
And that’s how we have a Hyundai street car that’s packing an anti-lag system. I can’t wait until someone modifies it a bit and makes it sound even more rally car-esque.
VROOOM-POP-POP-POP-VROOOOOOOOOOM. Yes, I just typed out car noises… and you said them aloud. We’re all children.

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