How To Spend Your Weekend: Local Car Shows Can Be Enjoyable….

Last weekend, I spent Sunday Morning at a local car show near my home town. It was an annual event, but the attendance (both the spectators and the participants) seems to be smaller this year over past years. Still, there was some pretty neat vehicles represented, and I would like to share some of my favorites, and I’m sure you would find them fascinating as well. Let’s start out with this georgous 1966 Falcon Ranchero. The body was laser straight, the poverty caps were just right, the finish of the deep maroon paint was mirror smooth. But what really got my attention was the Ford Straight Six, that was the cleanest engine I had seen in some time. And the transmission was a sweet three on the tree. What a gem. There was also a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible equipped with a Six, which is a true find because most of these cars have been converted to a V-8 at one time or another. My next favorite vehicle was this 1961 Chrysler Station Wagon, with an appropriate registration, “FINS”. This was a wild vehicle, with Chrysler’s Push Button Automatic, Juke Box Dashboard, and Factory Air Conditioning (Front and Rear!). This was a very flashy wagon, and was one that I would love to own. Right next to it was another flashy Mopar, a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal D-500 2 Door Hardtop. This was Dodge’s Performance Car, in the same vein as the Chrysler 300 Letter Series Cars. This car looked freshly restored, with an unusual Desert Rose and Cream Two Tone, Twin Carb Hemi Engine, Automatic Transmission, with phenomenal chrome bright work. It was a rare treat to see this finned warrior presented in showroom new (or better than new) condition. This is another Mopar I would have loved to own. The next car is actually a Truck, and what a truck it is. It’s a 1969 Chevrolet Custom/10 Pickup, with the 350 CID Engine, Turbohydramatic 400 Automatic, Factory A/C, and Power Steering and Brakes. The truck was stunning in a two toned gold and white paint scheme, with an interior that was flawless. I would rock this truck any time. The last car I wanted to highlight is this 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The paint is what caught my attention; a shade you won’t see today. This was the last year of the “Squarebird” and it was the best seller of the 1958 – 60 generation. The detail of the tail lamps was awe inspiring, as was all the other little details on the car, from the sheetmetal, to the trim. Easily one of the nicest T-Birds I have seem in a while.

And look, here’s my very own Flickr set of the show, so why not waste the morning looking through the images, and leave some of your thoughts below.

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