Hot Wheels looking to one-up Top Gear with a different type of double-loop stunt

Hot Wheels, despite being the maker of small cars, likes to think big when it comes to live stunts. For example, at the 2011 Indianapolis 500, Tanner Foust (AKA Yellow Team Driver) launched a truck down 10 stories of big orange track before launching off a ramp and flying 332 feet through the air. Now, Hot Wheels is bringing their live-action antics to the upcoming X Games in Los Angeles. The stunt being planned? The Double Loop Dare.

Top Gear recently pulled off a double loop, which involved a driver in a buggy completing back-to-back loops. The Hot Wheels double loop is quite different, and it’s based on the Double Dare Snare track set. Two drivers set off towards separate loops that join into a singular loop, which leads to a jump. Foust will once again be back in the driver’s seat of one of the vehicles, while professional stunt driver Greg Tracy will helm the other vehicle under the guise of Green Team Driver.

The level of danger seems quite high here, and we can’t wait to watch this stunt unfold on June 30th at the X Games.

Can you think of other track sets that would make for a great live-action stunt? Sound off in the comments.

[Source: Hot Wheels]

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