Hooniverse Weekend Quick Hit – Serious Maverick is a Bondo Nightmare, but is it still Desirable?

1970 ford maverick RARE - Google Chrome 672014 104136 PM.bmp You know that I love old 1970’s iron, and the Ford Maverick is one of my favorite cars, but let’s call a spade a spade… I don’t love this car at all. So, why isn’t this car calling my name? Bondo… and the seller makes no bones about it. Apparently there is some Bondo and some rust in the rear sections of the wheel wells… That’s all I need to hear, but maybe you are more forgiving. If you are, read on… 1970 ford maverick RARE - Google Chrome 672014 104145 PM.bmp According to the listing:

Ok so I have a rare 1970 ford maverick 2 dr. 200 -inline 6 engine in good running condition. yellow. drive train good. body has bondo and rust on lower section of wheel wells, but looks ok. Runs and drives no problem. new fuel pump, distributor (incl line,) battery w new leads. good interior but rip in driver seat. has seat covers on right now. has an orange plaid interior. 1970 ford maverick RARE - Google Chrome 672014 104140 PM.bmp Needs a new pitman arm or bushings, exhaust needs to be remounted. Needs new rear shocks well jsut one but best to do both. Has and aftermarket sound system. comes with original set of keys and a copied set. Comes with Chilton’s repair manual, oil, oil filter, spare starter solenoids, spare grille and head light covers. full set of OEM wheel cover. but not OEM steel wheels. but has pretty good tread 14 inch winter tires. 1970 ford maverick RARE - Google Chrome 672014 104149 PM.bmp And jsut needs a few other piddly stuff. got it in 2008. rebuilt 2 years prior. drove it for a year. and only in the summer since. just don’t have time or money to restore it to what i want. it could be a commuter car but would rather sell to some one who is going to restore it. new pristine ones are going to 12 grand. Price semi negotiable. also prefer someone who is not going to turn her into a grabber. the drive train is the best part of her. She has been siting in the element for 2 years. after these pix were taken. 1970 ford maverick RARE - Google Chrome 672014 104152 PM.bmp Do not really want to get rid of her but need to. So price is mostly firm. it is a rare car. SERIOUS inquiries only. I don’t want to be wasting my time with endless emails and tire kickers. It is with a heavy heart that i put it up for sale. this car is a good for a refurbishing does not a full overhaul. i am driving it right now and it is reliable.

1970 ford maverick RARE - Google Chrome 672014 104157 PM.bmp Asking price for this Canadian Maverick is $1,700 (which is like $1,556 US) and is still too much. The odometer reads 40,000 miles, and these pictures are two years old… so take your chances if you want, and take a look at the listing here.

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