Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Would you paint your ride with Rustoleum?

While catching up at Car Domain, I read this great article by David Belau about how he wanted to repaint his Dodge Dakota Pickup. How did it come out? Read more after the jump. Remember the paint jobs from the late 80’s to early 90’s? Remember how sheets of paint seemed to flake away at just the slightest hint of wind? Remember how a perfectly fine running truck or car looked like hell because there was little or no paint left on the vehicle? Well, it seems that David Belau over at Car Domain (Who has a screen name of dartslantsix!) needed to take care of this. In David’s own words:

Last summer my 1992 Dakota looked like just about every other neglected 1992 Dakota out there–terrible. Its paint was coming off in sheets. Coworkers complained that after parking next to me during a windy day, their own car received a new paint job. After reading this thread on Moparts.com about Rustoleum, I decided to give it a try.

David explains that he never painted a car before, and used an inherited paint sprayer from the 60’s to apply the primer, and the color coats. It actually looks great based on the pictures in the posting. Read all about how David did this at CarDomain.com.

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