Hooniverse Weekend Edition: What do you get when you cross a Ford with a Dekotora?

Cruising around on Ebay, scouting “other makes”, this listing popped up. It’s for a 1956 right hand drive Ford, that was imported from Australia to Canada in 1988. So, why did I compare it with a wildly customized Japanese Truck? Make the jump to find out.

According to Wikipedia (which is really the last word on anything, right?)…

The Dekotora or Decotora (デコトラ, dekotora?), an abbreviation for “Decoration Truck”, is a kind of loudly decorated truck most commonly found in Japan and the Philippines. Dekotora commonly have neon or ultraviolet lights, extravagant paints, and shiny stainless or golden exterior parts. These decorations can be found on both the cab and the trailer, and not only on the exterior but also in the interior.

Dekotora may be created by workers out of their work trucks for fun, or they may be designed by hobbyists for special events.

I have to admit that a 1956 Ford is nothing like a Japanese Dekotora, except for this one. It’s both loud and garish, as well as right hand drive. There isn’t any surface on this car that hasn’t been decorated. According to the listing:

This IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance to own this one and only CUSTOM. This Car has hand made items second to none attached with fit and finish to perfection. Purchased new 1956 Completed in 1980. Stored until 1998 Imported to Canada from Australia in 1998. Has 36,000 Original miles. 292 Y Block 3 Speed Overdrive.Power Brakes. Burgler Alarm, Remote Start, Electronic Ignition, 3 Stromberg 97 Carbs. Runs and drives like NEW.

While I think the decoration detracts from being a blue chip collectible, it might just find the right buyer. So, is an Australian 1956 Ford a Dekotora? Inquiring minds – like mine – want to know what you think. In case you’re still interested, here is the Ebay Listing.

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  1. marque911 Avatar

    I would like to point out in my country’s defence, Your Worship, that this type of thing is certainly not a regular occurrence in Australia. I submit that this person may have got into a bad case of Fosters.

    1. Jim Brennan Avatar
      Jim Brennan

      Well, its about time someone called me by my correct name……

    2. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

      There are good cases of Foster's?
      I keed, I keed;)

  2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Let me have a few more drinks, then I'll comment properly on this one.

  3. Benito Avatar

    You get something very cool

  4. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

    Driving home from Maine a couple weeks ago I saw a 18 wheeler drive by that was COVERED in red lights and chrome, it reminded me alot of Dekotoras
    Also, at my work there is this crazy lanky dude who walks by the shop multiple times every day counting his prayer beads. If you say ANYTHING to him he replies with "Bless you" Anyways, back to how this is related. My father grew up in the city I work in, and when I mentioned this dude, my father started talking about how he knew the guy when he was my age. He used to hang out at junkyards and the crazy guy would go to the junkyards, take random car parts, he especially liked springs, and would weld them to the exterior of his Cadillac. My dad fished out a picture of this guys car and it looked quite a bit like this car.
    I'm only 23 and I already ramble on about nothing. I cant wait to see what happens in 50 years

  5. Alff Avatar

    I had no idea JC Whitney was an Aussie.

  6. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    I can't help but think what a jewel that car would be without the extra tick and tack. I wonder it the body has been hacked badly or just drilled full of holes. Such low mileage and Right hand drive too!

  7. Manic_King Avatar

    It's unique. Either Australian car-crap shop is completely different compared to similar type of establishments in other parts of the world (well, maybe excl. Japan or Philippines) or all this is hand made by some crazy Dekotora enthusiast living in garage in Oz.
    A bit sad but impressive none the less.

  8. junkman Avatar

    A '56 Ford sedan will never be a blue chip collectible, so the "artist" picked an appropriate canvas for his work. I'm generally not a fan of hanging aftermarket glitz on any car but, if you're going to do it, do it right. I like it and I'd drive it. The rhd adds just the right twist.

  9. longrooffan Avatar

    UDMan: Where did you put the eyeball bleach?

  10. muthalovin Avatar

    You know, I need to register my truck in Texas next month (SHIT thats like next week). This fine, fine piece of machinery gave me a great idea for a personal license plate: DAZZLE. I bet no one in this great state has one. Surely no one has DAZZLE7.