Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Vintage Car Commercial Compilations

Continuing on with our Hooniverse Video Weekend, here is a group of Vintage Car Commercial Compilations. These were made by a production company that specializes in creating factual programming for television, and they put together a You Tube channel called GreatCarsTV.com. So sit back and relax while watching the next five videos, but only after making the jump….

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  1. scoutdude Avatar

    Low profit Glen used that "I'll stand on my head to make you a deal" tag line for many years for his Glen Grant Chevrolet. But always remember Go see Cal, Go see Cal, Go see Cal.

    1. CBQ_241 Avatar

      As a ten year employee of Glen Grant Chevrolet I spit chicken sandwich crumbs on my keyboard when I saw Glen . Great guy to work for for the year I was there till his death, His son not so much. I quit shortly before he gained power of attorney over his mother, the legal owner, and sold out for fast cash.

  2. GTXEliminator Avatar

    My favorite vintage car commercial:
    [youtube QaJvPkJaEXk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaJvPkJaEXk youtube]