Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Videos You Must See via Hemmings and Vimeo

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of Hooniverse Weekends. These two videos recently ran on the Hemmings Blog, and they are both well produced, are about great old cars, and make you want to go out and discover hidden treasures for yourself. But you will have to make the jump to see them.

The first one is from a chap named Ben Pender-Cudlip, and it is about an owner and his old 1964 Ford Galaxie with a 427 CID, Dual Carb V-8 under the hood. This is the personification of a true “Rat Rod”, and the sound this engine makes is intoxicating. See for yourself….

Some Old Ford from Ben Pender-Cudlip on Vimeo.

The next one is from Bandit Films, and it is about a 1963 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon from Down Under. The owner of the wagon has a true “Rockabilly” feel to the way he talks, and the way he dresses. This video is not only well done, but make you want to own that Falcon….. See what I am talking about….

The Squire from Bandit Films on Vimeo.

According to Dan Strohl of Hemmings, there seems to be more and more of these videos on the web than ever before. They are all well done, and it seems that old cars are becoming an interesting subject to young videographers everywhere. To read what Dan said about each of these subjects, you have to go here for the Falcon, and here for the Galaxie.

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  1. PrawoJazdy Avatar

    "This day and age a good turbo Subaru would blow it into the weeds but it… it wouldn't sound right doin it.. so."
    Thats some ancient proverb right there.

  2. Lotte Avatar

    Enough guts to go hang out with and buy a car from a moonshiner (reminds me of the Autoblog guy with the Scout) all the while keepin' it real and admitting a Subaru could beat his upgraded Some Old Ford. I would buy a beer for this guy; bet he has a lot of stories and would be nice enough to share them, too!

  3. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    Talk about nostalgia.
    Before my first "real" car, the Gremlin from hell, there was a black 1963 Mercury Comet wagon that my step-dad had found in a mountain of blackberry bushes behind the shop he worked at, and purchased as my first car for $1. It had sat for a decade after a non paying customer abandoned it, and was forgotten about until he started poking about.
    It was missing the gauge cluster, grill and passenger front fender, and had numerous rust holes in the floorboards but was otherwise complete. A trip to the junkyard scored us a cluster out of a Falcon, and a tuneup got the car back on the road running like a top with its straight 6 and 3 on the tree.
    We lived remotely out on dirt roads, so thanks to the holes and missing fender driving the car was always an adventure dirt management. In the winter we had a large rooster tail of mud flinging off the front tire that changed direction with the steering wheel. And in the summer the dust would billow up from the floor, and we would arrive in town looking like reddish brown coal-miners, or something right out of Deliverance. We usually brought a change of clothes and a jug of rinse water to freshen up with before hitting the grocery stores.
    Unfortunately, I rode in it many times and waited patiently for my turn to drive, and then own this great machine, but the transmission went out one day, leaving us with only first gear on the long drive into town. I wanted to nurse it the 17 miles home and fix it, but my evil step-father told us to grab our things, called the wrecking yard and left it sitting on the side of the road across from a supermarket and we borrowed my grandfather's truck to get back home.
    I was crushed. The car was replaced with a $300 Gremlin.
    In the period of time between the Comet and the Gremlin-from-hell, near where the Comet was left for dead I ran across a bright red 1964 Galaxie 500 for sale with a white top and red interior, and a 390 with auto. Sale price, $800 if I recall correctly. That was a lot of money for a broke teen in the early eighties, and I thought about it for a while, then finally decided I had to have it when I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went back to buy it and found out I was just a few hours too late. Someone had beat me to it.
    Several weeks later I was waiting for a ride with a buddy who said his mom was coming to get us in a new car his grandma just bought. Sure enough, it was my red 64 Galaxie. A total survivor, it still even had its original hub caps. Again, I got to ride in it, but never got to drive it.
    Some time later his grandma was involved in a near head-on collision on a rural highway; a small import (Nissan/Toyota etc) had crossed into a driveway in front of the old beast and got obliterated. They had to rescue the driver out of the wreckage.
    The Galaxie smashed its fender pretty good and lost its headlights, but drove home. They said the little car pretty much bounced off the big one. I tried many times to buy the old gal off of Grandma Oaks, but dammit, she would never sell. Got my ass kicked by a little old lady.

    1. chrystlubitshi Avatar

      mmmmmmm… i've seen them in both 4 and 2 door form… i'd totally rock a galaxie from any year/shape/form.
      [youtube Yb_juTPQJUc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb_juTPQJUc youtube]