Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The TVR Trident Clipper.

While cruising around Ebay Motors “Other Makes” listings, I came across a curious listing, with a car I knew nothing about. So, it was time to introduce the Hoons at Hooniverse to the (TVR) Trident Clipper…. It seems that TVR has been in and out of receivership for most of its life, and between 1964 and 1966 they lost the chance to build a truly convincing GT type of sports car to compete with Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Benz. According to Pistonheads:

The TVR Trident story is probably the most intriguing and dramatic chapter in TVR history. Between 1964 and 1966 TVR produced only four Tridents before losing the manufacturing rights to a local TVR dealer who started making his own (non TVR) Tridents. The TVR Tridents are unique in many ways: designed by an Italian/English designer, handmade by Carrozzeria Fissore in Turin and powered by an American Ford Cobra V8. They are also the only TVRs to date to feature a steel/aluminium body work. The Trident story starts in the early sixties when TVR was still a very low volume manufacturer. Founder Trevor Wilkinson had already left and it was the time of frequent management and strategy changes. It was said that there were more directors than skilled workers at Hoo Hill.

Which brings me to the Ebay listing… According to the seller (with all of the spelling errors included):

UP ON THE BLOCK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, THE TRIDENT CLIPPER 4.7 V8 PROTOTYPE NUMBER ONE, YES NUMBER ONE, CLUB Ducumented car, in the registry as old number one. This was also the LONDON RACING CAR SHOW VEHICLE. Current owner for the past 35 years. This car is a significant part of brithish small marque history. Durring the time of my ownership the car was driven 1869 miles only, most of which it attended british ca shows while we were in the UK. This Clipper V8 was also featured in many UK motor magizines. This makes either a stunningly rare show car or would be a very interesting historic racing car, if so prepared. This very rare Trident Clipper has never been raced or wrecked and has had no modifications which in anyway would effect, its originallity. It retains its original 289 cu high performance motor as fitted with its close ratio 4sp top loader. This cars straight line performance can only be described as brutul, with a top end of approx 160 mph. These early Tridents were all built using the shankley chassis as was fitted to the big healey 3000s ,because of this all the parts are readily available from moss motors. OK now for good and bad , recently a custom manufactured alluminun radistor was fitted, as well as an exhuast system to suit such a high performance car. The Dash was recovered and detailed as original with its brushed alloy instrumemt cluster, all instruments being correct vintage smiths with 160 mph speedo and 8000rpm tach. The Clipper now has been carefully paint stripped for a new finish the paint was lifted due to using an incorrect car cover. I was in the process of reworking the engine compartment for beauty purposes, small items such as relocating the remote oil filter and cooler assembly I have never left been happy with the engine compartments overall look. The fresh air intake hose needs work, possible relocation of battery.The interior I always left as original it is in good original condition, this car is not a restoration more of a sort out to your likes. If i get the first photos on this listing this was when i showed the car in england, back in the earley 1980s. I will furnish any addiona photos required when possible, beyond my pc skills.

More about the TVR Trident at Pistonheads. I have also included a link to the Trident Car Club in the UK, of which I used a couple of the images from their site. Read the entire Ebay listing here!

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