Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The Birth of Rallycross in Britain (with Video!)

The guys at BangShift posted this video on their site this past week. It features the new RWD European Escort with a free revving Cosworth four-banger under the hood.

Did you know that the Rallycross series was an invention of a television producer? Its just something that I never knew, and I bet you didn’t either. Oh, and the groovy 60’s soundtrack makes viewing that much better!

Read Brian Lohnes entire posting here.

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  1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

    Awesome video. The music annoys me a bit though. It sounds like the rhythm section is trying very hard to play "Peter Gunn", but the horn player didn't get the memo.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      Dunno man, thought it was pretty groovy.