Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The 3rd Annual Bell Car Show, from Bell, California

Once again, we have a wild reader submission, and this time its Leo (SVT2888) who shot these images for CNCPICS. The Bell Car Show has something for everyone, from Classics, to Traditional Low Riders, to Wild Creations. I asked Leo if he could describe the show in a little more detail, since I’m really on the other side of the country. He wrote me back, and said the following:

The event was the 3rd Annual Bell Car Show in Bell, CA. It really doesn’t have any other name. It basically showcased So Cal’s hispanic car culture. You had lowriders *new style and OG style*, you had DUB show type cars, some hot rods and you had your import here and there with a few DONKS managing to sneak in. There where also a few nicely restored classics there. There where also plenty of lowrider bikes being shown and being ridden around. They go hand in hand with the lowrider car culture after-all. It seemed as if half of East LA was in attendance as it was crowded throughout. The show closed down about a mile long section of Gage Blvd. The show was definitely a sharp contrast to the Concorso Ferrari that I had attended earlier, which was much quieter. Many of the cars here had music blaring. Like the Ferrari guys these guys shared a deep passion for their style of automobile. They poured thousands of dollars into making their cars their own. Many of the cars had super custom interiors draped in Ostrich and Crocodile with some other exotic leathers sprinkled into the mix here and there. The attention to detail on some of the cars is just amazing. This is a sector of the automobile customizing world that just doesn’t seem to get as much respect as the Hot Rod world but surely deserves it as they both sprouted around the same time in So Cal.

Leo has over 300 images in his CNCPICS album, so why not waste the entire afternoon going through them? Image Source: CNCPICS.COM

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