Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Speaking of Shooting Brakes, a Reliant Scimitar GTE found on Ebay.

Here’s something you don’t see everyday in the States, a Reliant Scimitar, and its for sale on Ebay. This Shooting Break Brake is located on Staten Island New York. So what is it and why is it for sale?

First, what is a Reliant Scimitar? According to sources (and by sources, I mean Wikipedia, what else?) The Raliant Scimitar line was produced between 1964 and 1995, first as a coupe, but also includes a very limited edition GTC convertible, and the two seat SS1, SS2, SST, and Sabre sportscars. But it was the 2 door Sports Estate Models that saw the greatest success with regards to the Scimitar nameplate. According to Wikipedia:

More of a luxury model than the SE5, the SE6 series was promoted to the executive market. These models were two-door sports estates, with the Ford V6 3.0 L engine: the wheelbase was increased by 4 inches (10 cm) and the track by 3 inches (8 cm) making the cars correspondingly longer and wider than their predecessors. The extra length was used to improve rear-seat legroom and access which enhanced the car’s credentials as a ‘genuine’ four-seater. The SE6 had some quality issues and was soon replaced by the SE6A. About 550 SE6 models were produced. The SE6A displayed a number of improvements, including better quality brakes and road-holding. There was also the option of power steering. Approximately 4000 SE6As were made.

The car in this listing is either an SE6 or SE6A because they were produced between 1975 – 1979. The listing reads as follows:

Purchased in England UK in 2005 this is a factory built in the UK (not a kit car ) it is equipped with Right Hand drive -Ford Essex V6, 3.0 (Built for the UK ) a C3 3speed automatic transmission -power steering and power brakes Disc in the front and drum in the rear ,recently the motor and trans were serviced-new stainless steel exaust and original stainless steel fuel tank-new tires balanced and alined and a tune up, the car drives great .The undercarriage is excellent it is currently registered -inspected & insured .The car is fun to drive and has plenty of power ,I have the glove box manuel ,also all parts are Ford interchangeable I have some spare parts and there are Scimitar clubs ,there are only two of these cars in the USA so it will get some looks.

Yes I kept the grammer and spelling issues. The question is as follows: Is this a car that you would want to own here in the states, or would you be willing to buy it here and ship it back to the UK? To see the Ebay Listing, go here!

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  1. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar

    It's obvious where Volvo got the inspiration for the P 1800 ES. Even though this Reliant has an orginal design I'll keep to the Volvo.

  2. junkman Avatar

    This car combines great features from several cars I like; the aforementioned 1800ES, Jensen and the Brooks Stevens designed VW 411. All this and a reliable Ford V6. Since I've been a regular bidder on it, I think it should stay in the States. We just haven't found the seller's magic number yet.

  3. tonyola Avatar

    An interesting story I read years ago in a car magazine, though I can't verify its truth…
    In the 1980s, Pininfarina created a new design for Reliant as a replacement for the now-aging Scimitar. Unfortunately, Reliant was in its usual latter-day state of financial disarray and turned the proposal down. However, another, much-larger manufacturer expressed interest in the design and Pininfarina was more than happy to sell it to them. Bingo – the 1986 Honda Aerodeck. Sadly, we never got this model in the US. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thu

  4. retro Avatar

    You still see these out and about in the UK occasionally, both in shiny restored and ratty survivor guise. Very cool compared to the soulless modern hatchbacks that dominate the roads.

  5. Car Detail Business Avatar

    Great blog. So many websites like this cover subjects that aren’t found in magazines. I don’t know how we got by 12 years ago with just newspapers and magazines.

  6. Carole Chinni Avatar

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