Hooniverse Weekend Edition – So how did those featured Barrett Jackson cars sell?

Last weekend, I did a Maximum Barrett Jackson Weekend, and highlighted a few vehicles that were set to cross the auction block. For this posting, I will concentrate on the highlighted lots that ran from Tuesday the 18th through Friday the 21st of January. I will do a wrap up of Saturday and Sunday at the end of the weekend.

This was the posting I did for the lots that ran on Tuesday the 18th. And here is how they did:
– Delta 88 Royal – $4,950
– Dodge Dakota Convertible – $6,600
– Schwinn Motorbike – $6,050
– Cosworth Vega – $12,100
– Rambler Wagon – $13,200
– International Travelall – $11,550
– VW Kombi Van – $31,900
– Buggies – Between $1,870 to $3,520

This is the posting I did for the lots that ran on Wednesday the 19th. And here is how they did:
– The Cadillac Golf Cart – $5,775
– The 1958 Buick Wagon – $66,000
– Peel P50 with trailer – $9,350
– Panhard Dyna Z – Withdrawn
– Diamond T with Farmall Tractor – $27,500
– Pontiac G6 Pace Car – $15,400
– GMC Pace Truck – $28,600
– Pontiac G8 Pace Car – $22,500
– (Remember, the last three were sold on a SCRAP title)

This is the posting I did for the lots that ran on Thursday the 20th. And here is how they did:
– Lincoln Mark VI – $7,700
– Mustang Coupe – $74,800
– Cadillac Camper – $6,600
– Local Motors Rallye Car – $100,000
– 1970 1/2 Falcon – $30,800
– The 1959 Autobianchi – $50,050
– The Crosley Hotshot Roadster – $25,300
– The Crosley Convertible – $27,500
– The Crosley Super Wagon – $15,400

This is the posting I did for the lots that ran on Friday the 21st. And here is how they did:
– The Silver Thunderbird – $12,650
– The Buick GS 455 Convertible – $115,500!
– The Twin Pontiac Solstice Coupe and Convertible – $55,000 (Coupe) $25,300 (Convertible)
– The 1960 Modified Sprite – $19,800
– The 1967 XXX GTO – $35,200
– The White Divco Milk Truck – $33,000
– The Evil Black Divco Milk Truck – $110,000!

Are you surprised at the prices these vehicles brought, or is just the power of Barrett Jackson that has the ability to bring all the wood. Express your thoughts as only the Hoons at Hooniverse could.

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  1. vwminispeedster Avatar

    I fantasize about a future family vehicle being a VW bus but at $31,000 thats a bit too steep. That International though rubbed me all the right ways and the price wasn't too bad. Sadly it is not in my driveway.

  2. packratmatt Avatar

    I think the Peel was the bargain of the lot, if you could put it on the street. Watching both BJ auctions and Mecum auctions, it looks like you could buy from Mecum and sell at BJ. Now if I only had a spare $20K to $30K to get started.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Yup, registration is the big sticking point. The original Peels might qualify for licensing in many states, such as the Trident and the P50 belonging to the Lane Motor Museum (which also has a Peel Viking):
      <img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5205/5381250901_fc37d578ef.jpg&quot; width="450">
      even though, as three-wheelers, they'd probably get motorcycle plates in most jurisdictions. The replicas? Not so much.

  3. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    Did you all see the LSX454R engine? It was a charity sale… but still $67,000 for an engine.

  4. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    I think the fact that the Black Divco brought 3 times the amount that the White one did speaks VOLUMES to our collective mindset.

    1. andrea Avatar

      my dad built the black divco and im trying to find out as much info as i can about the sale and any pics people may have taken of it.