Hooniverse Weekend Edition: See what you missed during the first Weekend in May!

Do I have to keep reminding you that Hooniverse now has weekend content? Take a look at what you missed, and make sure you’re around next weekend.

We started the weekend off by showing a kick-ass photo gallery of The 24th Mooneyes Street Car National that was held in Tokyo. You don’t expect to see Bitchin American Iron in Japan, but they were there.
Then we turned it up a notch with a review of the 1969 – 1972 Chevy K5 Blazer Buyers Guide that was published in Chevy Enthusiast Magazine. There was also a rebuttal to the article posted on Sunday. Go and check them out.
If you are tired of all the builds featuring a Chevy crate engine getting stuffed into everything, this next post will open your eyes. It was a 1973 Nova with a 13B Rotary Transplant. Talk about wild!
We were able to tag along with Amber as she went to Miller Motorsports Park, near Salt Lake City. Be sure to check out the Photostream.
If one buyers guide was good, then two must be better. So I included a 1994 – 1996 Impala SS Buyers Guide that was published in Chevy Enthusiast magazine. I also ran an alternate, a Caprice Wagon Guide on Sunday.
Did you know there was a rare BMW auctioned during the weekend? Read about the 1938 BMW 328 MM Bügelfalte Roadster, and see if the reserve was met.
Jeff came across this beautiful 1968 Baracuda in a Streetwalker series, and it was in great condition.
Blake treated us all to an image that could only be from the early 70’s, with floating heads, and a padded vinyl roof.
Our newest contributor, LongRoofian, made his debut with How He Became a Hoon, chocked with a lot of personal images. This is a must read from the weekend.
Amber introduces us to a builder who specializes in Air Cooled Volkswagens, with his own creation that would put some V-8 Musclecars to shame on the track. There are plenty of images included within the post, so go take a look.
The last posting for the weekend was my take on an Obscure Muscle Car, the Infiniti M45. Controversial? Yes, so go ahead and read the posting.
So, what are you going to miss next weekend? Hooniverse will be running a full gamut of weekend content, with most of it being original. So be there…… Aloha!

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