Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Russian Audi Buyer Finds a Surprise Inside Door Panel!

I ran this story over a year ago when I was still writing for Car Throttle. It serves as a reminder that what you buy on-line is not necessarily what’s presented. This story is a new twist on finding documentation inside of the car that you may have purchased. On the other hand, what would say if you happened to find out that the car you purchased was not only totaled, but was cut in half, re-welded, with scrap parts used for body panels, and then sold to you without any disclosure? Well, that’s just what happened to a guy who purchased this Audi on-line. The new owner would have probably never discovered the hidden “treasure” if it wasn’t for a faulty door speaker. As he popped off the door panel, he discovered a thorough set of documentation, including pictures, on how the little Audi was re-built. Read the entire posting over at Car Throttle. Images from Yaplakal.com via EnglishRussia.com

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