Hooniverse Weekend Edition Review – Weekend Last Calls….

So we come to the end of another weekend here at Hooniverse, and it is the special Last Call Edition. Rob usually does the last calls for the weekday editions, but I run a last call to call the weekend edition closed. Click on the title of each picture for the link to the original posting and enjoy….


The IsettaCopter!

What a nice set of Tail Lamps!

The Very Definition of Torque!

The Drifting Diesel Benz Wagon!

Now that’s my kind of Car Dealer!

The Nissan Juke Commercial!

Now That’s a Grill!

Miss Hurst Golden Shifter.
Looking forward to bringing you more Weekend Editions in 2011.

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  1. citroen67 Avatar

    I love that pic of the '60 Chevy doing the wheelie! Every time I look at it it think: No…your Honda can't do that.

  2. Dave Avatar

    The Isetta Helicopter is cool.
    I hear from the owner that it can be changed back to orignal in about an hour.

  3. Black Steelies Avatar

    The drifting benz has my vote, if this were a voting scenario. Driving a 5-door sideways with diesel power is unquestionably awesome.

  4. coupeZ600 Avatar

    I'm voting for the Fiat, not only because that pic and story are epic cool, but because one of the most common questions I get asked about my Coupe Z is, "That's one of those new Fiats, isn't it?"

  5. CptSevere Avatar

    I actually took the time to download the video of that Mercedes wagon going through its paces, and it was awesome. I thought it was a good show, not because I'm a big drifting fan, but because it's just such an audacious thing for these Hoons to pull off, successfully.