Hooniverse Weekend Edition: More Content & Interesting Posts – So Why Aren't You Here?

If you haven’t noticed, Hooniverse now has weekend content, filled with fresh postings, interesting perspectives, and stuff you need to know. Ok, the last point is a bit of a stretch, bit not by much. If you haven’t been around Hooniverse last weekend, make the jump to see what you missed. First off, there was the Raleigh Classic Car Auction, that featured many fine wagons. We then had a reader submission, of which I wrote a post about how cool old BMWs were. Another reader submission was the inspiration for the next posting about The Imposters (sp) By Aurora. Our newest contributor, LoonRoofian olelongroofian Longroofian, then took on on a journey to a NASCAR Event, with a particularly nasty Pothole. His follow-up story appeared last Sunday. We then had one of our Showdowns, this time with 60’s Pickup Trucks, but without a poll. Drawing postworthy items from other blogs you may have missed is also part of Hooniverse Weekends. And so I ran a piece on 15 Agonizing Automotive Atrocities, according to Autopia. This site is associated with Wired, and is appropriately Geek Worthy, though this post was kind of sad. Keeping up with other Hooniversalustworthy Blogs, BangShift ranks right up there with the best – well behind Hooniverse that is! Anyway, they had a video of the Escort Mk I and the birth of RallyCross. We introduced you to a friend of Hooniverse, CarDomain’s own Jen Dunnaway, and why I consider her a hoon after your own heart. Did you know that Kruse Auctions are in trouble? If you didn’t, read this timely article, and see if Dean’s empire will survive. The highlight of the weekend has to be the Images of Billetproof Michigan posted by long time hoon, Mike-the-Dog. If you haven’t viewed it yet, what the hell are you waiting for? We closed out the weekend with another reader submission for Last Call. So if you missed any of these postings, now is the time to catch up. Make sure you’re here next weekend, for more of Hooniverse Weekend Edition.

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