Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Hello, I'm One Of The New People

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Editors Note: This weekend, Hooniverse will be running a series of posts introducing you to some of the new writers who are now in our part of the Hooniverse. Please welcome William Maley, and let him know how much you appreciate his contributions.

Hi, I’m that person. The person who at the drop of a pin can remember the cars that his parents have own since birth. The person who tries to keep his mouth shut and try not to correct someone when everything that is coming out their mouth is completely wrong. The person who thinks combing a Nissan Quest with the chassis and powertrain of the GT-R is the greatest creation mankind will ever see. Yeah, I’m that person.

Let me begin with some basic information. I have always liked cars; no matter the brand, the shape, the size, or the condition. Never loved nor hated any vehicle.

As a small child, I would read the newspaper ads of car dealers and magazines, soaking all of the information into my head. I also would go to auto shows and get to sit in the new cars, making engine noises and imaging myself driving.

As I grew older, I knew I wanted to be a part of the automotive industry in some form. Either I wanted to be a car salesman, test driver, writer, engineer, the list goes on. During high school, I decided that I wanted to become an automotive engineer. So I began to take classes to learn about it. But when I graduated from High School, I decided I didn’t want to become one since I realized I all of this information was going over my head.

But, there was this desire to be a part of the automotive world in some fashion. So, I decided to take up writing. Before I knew it, I was writing for two sites about the news in the automotive world. I enjoyed writing automotive news, but after awhile its get a bit tiring and becomes a chore. I wanted to escape the news world for a bit and write about the odd, the weird, the unknown about cars. Well, a man by the name of Kamil heard my cries and asked if I would write a series on his blog called Modern Classics. I gladly accepted.

The rest is history. When Hooniverse and CarGuyGuy merged to create the automotive equivalent of Megatron, I was brought along for the ride. I will not write about the goings on in the automotive world here on Hooniverse, I do that as it is for another place. What I will write about is the odd, the weird, the unknown, and the surprises in the automotive world.

My name is William Maley and I’m that person.

You can read more of William’s postings by clicking here.

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