Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Glastonbury AACA Show; Interesting Iron that was not part of the show…

Last weekend, I decided to go to the 38th annual Antique Auto Meet that was held in Glastonbury Connecticut and as you can tell from my other postings, I decided to highlight some of the iron that was at the show for this weekend.

This is some of the cars that were parked around the show, and didn’t take part in it (well, except for one…)

This was my favorite car that was parked outside of the show. It’s a 1969 AMC Rebel Sedan in an understated shade of silver with a black vinyl roof. Under the hood was a 343 CID V-8… how’s that for surprises? This is a very tidy car, and one that has Hooniverse Staff Car written all over it.

Check out the bumper sticker! I think that says it all. So what do you think about this car?

Also on the AMC side of things is this Vintage Jeep CJ-5 Golden Eagle. This was in the non display area, but was later moved to be displayed with the other trucks (and one other lone Jeep). It has been modiified, but I have no idea as to what is now under the hood of this Jeep.

What would a posting be without at least one “B” Body Wood Paneled Wagon. This Buick was one of the later B-Bodies because it was equipped with the LT-1 under the hood (You can tell by the exhaust system…) The Achilles heel of these cars is the substandard trim used, as you can see by all the missing black rubber pieces that were glued onto the metal trim. Oh well, that’s an easy fix. It’s nice to see these cars are still being driven.

Last and definitely least is this thing. It’s called a Casablanca I, but I call is wretched. It is one of those Neo-Classics that started with a Lincoln Town Car, with the end result looking like this.

Image source: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Jim Brennan (aka UDMan)

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