Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Even More Random Shots from the New York Auto Show

Last post for Saturday, and yes, there is even more shots from the New York International Auto Show. This time, the theme is Red, with all the cars in red. Yes, I will be doing the same thing for Sunday, as I have about 30 people coming over for Easter….

This is the new Nissan Pathfinder (as is the lead image). Looks nothing like a Pathfinder, Right?
This is the 2013 Ford Escape. Looks nothing like the previous Escape…
The Cadillac ATS. A powerful 4-cylinder and RWD, to go after the 3-Series.
A Lotus Evora. Do I need to add any other commentary?
A Chevy HD Silvarado. This truck is starting to look old compared to Ford and Ram.
And the next four images are of the SRT Viper. We can't seem to get enough.

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