Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Cable Propelled Transit System at a VW Factory

Here is another great tip we received from Gabriel (Thanks!) and it has us scratching our head, just a bit. It is a Cable Transit System installed by a company called Doppelmayr, and in use at a Volkswagen Factory in Bratislava, Romania. Why they have it, and what is it used for isn’t explained, but this would be a great alternative to water Ferry Service in the future. Make the break to see the Video….

You can read the article on the website “The Gondola Project” here.

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  1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    How bizarre. I want one.

  2. Lotte Avatar

    Maybe not ferry service, methinks, what with the powerful winds that the system may encounter in that open area(but isn't that fun?). Maybe up the slope of a steep mountain; the first thing that came to my mind was ski lifts.

    1. AlexiusG55 Avatar

      Well, that's what Doppelmayr usually make.

  3. Joe Btfsplk Avatar
    Joe Btfsplk

    Carrying the rejects to the shredder?

  4. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    I suppose the span of that makes it more of a car cable car(?), but the preview reminded me of transporter bridges, relatedandinteresting.

  5. MortofromOz Avatar

    Looks like a transit system to their testing ground. Car is cabled in before delivery tested and then shipped out for delivery.

  6. coupeZ600 Avatar

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    This doesn't appear to be anything like that, unless they're hauling them over a competing VW dealership.

  7. Shamal Avatar

    Bratislava, Romania? I know that europe is for some of you a country far, far away, but c'mon…

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