Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Automotive Traveler; The 1973 to 1978 GMC Motorhome

About a year ago, Rich Truesdell ran this piece on Automotive Traveler, and as a contributor to that blog, I thought I would share it with the readers of Hooniverse. So sit back and re-discover the Front Wheel Driven, Oldsmobile Powered, GMC designed Motor Home from 73 to 78. So, without further interruptions, I’ll let Rich do the rest. For much of the 20th century General Motors was the leading innovator in the design of the widest variety of transportation devices. Nowhere was this spirit of innovation more evident than the design, engineering, and marketing of the 1972 to 1978 GMC motorhome program. Read more about the GMC Motorhome, along with a dedicated website for aficionados of this rare vehicle, by reading the original article on Automotive Traveler.

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