Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Another Potential 24 Hours of LeMons Candidate; A 1963 Falcon

As you may or may now be aware, I ran the 24-hours of LeMons in a 1963 Corvair 700 Sedan, complete with the infamous Powerglide Automatic. Well, it has come to my attention that a similar car, also built in 1963, would be the perfect car for a potential team (on the west coast) to run with. Presenting the Blue Oval answer to my car, a 1963 Ford Falcon (and in the perfect shade of rust).

This 1963 Falcon two-door sedan looks like it has been sitting for a few years. This is the last year for this particular body style (at least in North America) before the 1964 facelift. They came with either an underperforming 144 CID six, or an economical but still underperforming 170 CID six. There is no mention as to what transmission sits behind this engine, the number of miles, or pretty much anything else. According to the listing:

63 Falcon
California car, Have title in hand
Car has sat many years.
Car is complete, no damage
If you have any questions please call

One good thing is that you can dump a 260 or 289 V-8 in the engine bay, along with a 4-speed stick, and you would have a dynamite LeMons Racecar. Just leave the rust as is, and you could get away with the modifications – just bribe the judges with copious amounts of alcohol. See the listing here.

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  1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    That's just patina. Another case of get it running, change the tyres, fit some decent sounds and drive as is.

  2. waltgator Avatar

    nice! just add the 289 and you'll have a fast little rocket right there! cool

  3. parkwood60 Avatar

    I may be wrong, but it looks like the linkage to a 3 on the tree. Be a man, race it with the column shift and the 170-6 with the cast in log intake manifold. If you need more power just put a turbo on it. You can pick up 200-6 motors out of later Mustangs for pocket change and they bolt right in, so just bring a spare or two. They are even sitting in the junkyards in Mustangs and Fairmonts up until 1980 or so. (after that they have a different bell housing bolt pattern, and 250s while similar are slightly wider and have the the V8 Bell housing IIRC)

  4. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Nice car, good patina, and it better come with that fine black plate. I'm not so worried about the engine, as I would be about the brakes and suspension; those could use some serious upgrades to properly get around the track and last a race.

  5. Angel Rodriguez Avatar
    Angel Rodriguez

    Tell mi the price