Hooniverse Weekend Edition – An Unrestored and Original 1948 Delahaye 148 on eBay

This is one of the most breathtaking cars that is currently for sale on eBay. We all love French Cars on Hooniverse, and this is a car that is not only French, but a recognized classic by the Classic Car Club of America. It only shows 58,683 original kilometers on the odometer, making it that much more desirable. Make the jump and see if you agree that this is probably the most coveted French Car from the post war era.

I’m going to let the listing do all the talking:

This 1948 Delahaye 148 is an example of the last (and arguably one of the most advanced) years of the Delahaye 148 model run and represents a bygone era of Delahaye automobiles that will never be seen again.
The condition of this car is highly original and very well preserved. The car shows very few signs of age and shows only 58,683 original kilometers on the odometer. I believe I am the fourth owner from new.
The new owner of this Delahaye will have the opportunity to show the car at all C.C.C.A. (Classic Car Club of America) events, since it is a fully recognized Classic Car under their rules. If is also a perfect touring car and eligible for all driving events including C.C.C.A. Caravans, the California Mille and the Colorado Grand.
This car was also invited to and shown at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in 2008 as part of the Preservation Class and completed the required 50 mile Road Tour before the show.

This Delahaye still wears its original factory applied black paint. All of the body panels are ripple, dent, and rust free and have never had any sort of body or accident damage. The paint is in good overall condition and retains its original shine, obviously the result of the car being garage kept all of its life. There is very little checking, fading, or cracking evident in the finish. The glass and seals are in fair condition and there are no leaks evident.

The interior is trimmed in the original tan cloth. The seating areas are in very nice original condition, as are the door panels, dashboard, and console. The carpet is also in very nice original condition. All of the accessories including the radio are in perfect working order. The dashboard includes a speedometer and tachometer as well as a radio, fuel gauge, ammeter, and oil pressure and water temperature gauges. All of the windows as well as the door locks work. The trunk area appears well preserved, the trunk carpet is in fair condition with no missing pieces, and the spare tire, wheel, and leather strap that holds it all in place are all present.

The underside of the car is in line with a 58,000 kilometer car. It is rust-free and very well preserved. The engine bay is completely original, with all components in operational condition. Every detail of the engine compartment is well preserved. There is some minor wear to certain painted surfaces due to age, but overall, it is very presentable.

The tires are new Dunlop F4T blackwalls and were recently installed. They and are the correct and original style and size. The wire wheels are in very nice original condition and are painted a flat silver, with very minimal wear evident. All of the knock-off hubs are also in original condition with only minor wear evident.

This Delahaye runs and drives as any 58,000 kilometer car should – It’s barely broken in! The 4-Liter Straight-6 powerplant runs and accelerates smoothly and very quickly and the Cotel Pre-Selector transmission shifts as it should. The car drives around town and on the open road with no trouble. It has had all of the necessary service recently performed including oil change, tune up, installation of new battery, and transmission and differential service, and needs absolutely NOTHING to drive, show, and enjoy. All of the mechanical aspects of the car work as they should.

This 1948 Delahaye still retains all of its original components! This means the engine, transmission, rear end, etc. are original to the car. All of the numbers, markings, etc., are correct. It is an original and very special car that, as evidenced by the low mileage, has been driven very sparingly during the last 61 years…

With a little under two days left until the auction closes, the price for this very original, very pretty, Delahaye stands at $55,000 with an unmet reserve. I have absolutely no idea as to what the true value of this car is, so why not take a look at the listing, and tell me what you think its worth, and whether or not is it one of the most desirable French cars ever.

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