Hooniverse Weekend Edition: A Website dedicated to the World Of Goliath, Borgward, & Lloyd

Here at Hooniverse Central we received this tip from DamnElantra (Thanks Man!) about a website created for the sole purpose of providing information about these three German makes that rarely made it across the Atlantic. You will have to make the jump to see more.

The website is the creation of Dave Gladkosky who is a Gloiath fan with not one but two of these wonderfully weird cars. His pride and joy is a 1960 Goliath Hansa Sedan that has been fully restored. Did you know that these cars were powered by a pancake four, and were front wheel drive? Talk about ahead of their time.

There is a section dedicated to the Goliath and Lloyd trucks, and the Goliath models were front wheel drive from 1950. They also made a microbus version to compete with VW at that time.

So why not go over to the site using this link, and waste a Saturday afternoon discovering these unique German cars and trucks. All images are from the site.

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