Hooniverse Weekend Edition: A Porsche 356 with an Audi V-8 Transplant?

To start off another month of Hooniverse Weekend Postings, I thought I would share this little tasty project that was posted over at MotorMavens.com. The author of the piece, Tamer Omran, found the project over at Kustom Coach Works. Read more after the jump.

Read How Tamer came across this project in his own words:

I came across this forum thread as I was searching for some immaculate Porsche 356s one night. After numerous search engines and countless visits to Porsche related forums, a tagline in bold letters read “Porsche 356 with an Audi V8 on KustomCoachworks.com. I immediately got to thinking, “You can’t be serious – how the heck would anyone tackle the enormous feat of shoving a 4.2L 360hp Audi V8 from an S5 into the back of this tiny 1950s Porsche 356? They must be mad!”

Mad? yes I have to agree with him…. but at the same time Awesome. Read more of Tamer’s Post at Motor Mavens.

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  1. dustin_driver Avatar

    I dub thee: Jelly Bean of Death!

  2. muthalovin Avatar

    Jesus, that towing picture is radical! I could see this as a father/son project, one of compromise and ambition. One likes Audi's. the other likes the 356. Somebody get me the rights to this! Wes Anderson to direct! Millions!

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    Pretty ambitious project. I predict massive wheelstands in the future.

  4. alewifecove Avatar


  5. junkman Avatar

    As the former owner of a ’57 356 Coupe powered by a 400hp Chevy V8, I can say with authority that this thing will rock! I would gladly pay for a ride when it’s done.

  6. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Best of the old and the best of the new. Should be lovely. That tow rig is cause for concern. I hope they aren't going far, or anyplace where the 356 needs braking.

  7. crafty Avatar

    Hi guys…… that's mine. There's more pics over at Kustomcoachwerks showing the engine sitting in there.

    1. junkman Avatar

      @crafty: Just let me know when you're ready to take me for a ride in this beauty…

  8. fsda Avatar
  9. Reynaldo Sossaman Avatar

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