Hooniverse Weekend Edition – A 1987 Citroën CXA Prestige vs a 1973 Citroën GS 1220 Club

This is the weekend in which I provide you with a choice of a couple of cars that are somewhat related, and you make the choice as to which one you would desire more, or maybe not. Here are a couple of Citroën models that are for sale here in the states, which is unusual because the company packed its bags and left these shores after NHTSA did not grant a waiver to exempt the Citroën SM in 1974. However, various Citroën models continued to trickle into the states, and you can now bid on two of them… A 1987 Citroën CXA Prestige 2500, and a 1973 Citroën GS 1220 Club. Which of these French objects of desire would make you part with your money?

Let’s start with the 1973 Citroën GS 1220 Club, as it hails from Pennsylvania (with a Vermont registration no less!). I’m going to let the listing speak for itself:

I Imported this car from Europe a couple of years ago. Here is an accurate description from the previous owner.

I bought this GS 1220 from the first owner in France three years ago. Up to this date the GS spent all time in a dry garage and has only been used by sunny weather. The last german owner used the GS for two years and then bought a CX from me, so I got it back again.Here’s what I did on this car at this time:
– all motor seals have been replaced, those for the oil return tubes are viton-rings, so better ones then the originals. No more oil leaking!
– timing belts and tensioners are new
– the car has an anti-rust protection
– new Michelin tires 145/15 on perfect rims
– Options are rare original headrests and the rare Gradulux-store for the rear window.
– hydraulics are perfect. New pump gaiter, system cleaned and refilled, new spheres 5 x.
– new exhaust line.
– the clutch is new ( four weeks ago)
Very nice red interior which is hard to find. There are no damages caused by the sun etc…
Original paintwork. Original condition: Not at all restaurated, no welding.

Since I have the car I have done very little to it. Installed a transistorized ignition and air horns. I’ve also had the front seats profesionally repadded under the original covers. I have also added a period looking am/fm/cd radio w/usb port. The car runs perfect and can be driven anywhere. Milage is less than 40,000 and that is original.
Should I mention again NO RUST EVER.

Which brings us to this conundrum. Would you ever take the chance to purchase this car knowing that parts are going to be very difficult to source, or would you just say to hell with that, I want a French car. The top bid so far is $4,051, with an unmet reserve. The buy-it-now price is an absurd $10,000, but that may just be my opinion. Either way, take a look at the listing, and tell me if this is the Citroën you could see yourself owning.

Let’s move onto the 1987 CXA Prestige 2500. This car was legally imported by a company called CX Automotive Inc. of New Jersey, who saw a small but unfilled demand for all things Citroën. This company federalized the Citroën CX US consumption by modifying the emission systems, adding US approved headlamps and side marker lights, among other things.

As with the above offering, I will let the listing speak for the car.

I have enjoyed this 1987 CXA Prestige since the summer of 2005. I personally knew the previous 2 Maryland owners and the complete repair history dating back to the mid-90s. All this paperwork and factory repair manuals go with the sale. At the time, I simply wanted a Citroën with working air conditioning.

I bought the car with 103,000 miles, now has 129,000 miles. In my ownership, no expense has been spared in repairs and preventative maintenance with numerous upgrades done for comfort. They have included 4 new Michelins, a remote locking system that can be operated from afar as well as an ignition starter (has 2 fobs). The purpose of this was to have the car raised to driving height before entering. True luxury! I also added a modern stereo with new door speakers and an i-phone + aux jack. I have done nothing but improve this car and enjoy it.

Over the years, this particular CXA Prestige was rebadged and retitled as a true Citroën, although this VIN is specific to CXA imports. Through the years, US spec quad lights were replaced with original French style, proper body-colored grill with chevron logo was added, speedo was switched to kilometers. All of this equipment can be easily changed back if the new owner is looking to retain the originality of what was at the time a very limited number of cars to have entered the US thru a legal dealer network in the mid-80’s. I am presenting this as a solid driver and very respectable show car to be driven and enjoyed, but by no means Concours. This is a gentlemen’s car for someone who may also enjoy putting their foot down on the open road and drive with style!

The listing is quite wordy, so go and take a look at it here. The current top bid is $3,050, with an unmet reserve. The CX is a brilliant car, but it really isn’t for the US market. Parts will be difficult to obtain, and with over 130,000 miles, how many more years can you drive without spending a considerable fortune to bring it back to top flight condition? Let me know if this is the Citroën for you.

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