Hooniverse Weekend Edition – A 1985 Bitter SC Project

Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend Edition. There was a posting this past week in which Jim Yu wrote about a group of classic car enthusiasts exercising their vehicles of choice through the counties of Marin and Sonoma. Since this is Hooniverse, I thought I would devote an entire weekend of low cost, but very interesting project cars that could make this run when finished. Just for good measure, if these “low cost” heaps are a little too much work, then you can always turn them into Index-of-Effluency winning 24-Hours-of-LeMons contenders, and I included an very interesting support vehicle for that venture. Either way, welcome to Interesting Project Weekend, and let’s start with this 1985 Bitter SC. According to all things Wikiedia:

Bitter was a premium sports-luxury automobile marque originally produced in Germany and later Austria. Founder Erich Bitter, a former race car driver turned automobile tuner, importer and ultimately designer began crafting his own vehicles after business ventures with Italian manufacture Intermeccanica ended. The Bitter automobile company initially produced vehicles between 1973 and 1989, selling them in Europe and the United States.

The Bitter SC was based on Opel’s biggest contemporary model, the Opel Senator, and was sold from 1979-1989 as a coupe, sedan and convertible. The SC was powered by a fuel-injected Opel 3.0 l-I6, rated at 177HP, or a stroked 3.9 l-I6 that developed 207HP. Body design seems to have been heavily influenced by Ferrari`s 400i. The first SC model to appear was the Coupe (1979), followed by the Convertible (1982) and the Sedan (1984). Production lasted until 1989 with 461 Coupes, 22 Convertibles and only 5 Sedans built. This Rare 1985 Bitter SC Coupe is one of those 461 built by Bitter Motors in the 1980’s. Erich Bitter coupled reliable Opel mechanicals with Italian style to create a sports/luxury car, and in the words of the listing, combining the best of both worlds. This particular car was donated to charity after sitting for a decade under a carport. It does run and drive, but there is a fuel leak, so the seller states that the idle is a little rough. Very little rust, original and badly faded paint, and dry leather interior are the only real bad points to this car, but it could be brought back to life with a modest budget. The current bid for this very rare German Automobile is $2,025, which is a little over LeMons territory, but it could be your ticket to an affordable, yet stunningly rare continental coupe. See the listing here, and tell me what you think.

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