Hooniverse Weekend Edition – A 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup on Craigslist

Continuing on with the Weekend Edition of tips, here is a 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup that was once owned by a clown….. no really, an actual CLOWN. Thanks again to Muthalovin (Thanks Man!) for finding this gem on Craigslist, and sharing it with us….

Once again, this listing is a very long one, so I will post the text, and link to the ad.

This is a former clown truck. It is nuclear goat vomit green, has an Ah-OOO-gah horn, a “cow moo” horn and a standard car horn. This truck was driven by Crunchy T. Clown for 10 years. He always said it was the best advertising money he ever spent as its distinctive look (for a unique commercial image) stands out in the crowd. When Crunchy passed away, I took on the restoration effort of his work vehicle as a way of keeping Crunchy alive. The truck is partially restored (well, refreshed, because many things are upgrades over the original stock truck), with the entire drive train from radiator to differential having been rebuilt or replaced. Basically, only the body work remains to finish this project. The body is really rusted, but the public still loves it!
The List of New/Replaced Stuff:
Rebuilt 1968 6-cyl. 200cid motor (by Quality Engine Exchange)
clutch rebuilt (by Austin Brake & Clutch Supply)
3-speed on-column Manual Transmission rebuilt (by Pistole’s Transmission)
Axle seals and Differential gears replaced (by Austin Drive Train: now with taller 3.20 Falcon gears for better highway mileage).
Replaced shocks, brakes (shoes, springs, front hoses, all wheel cylinders, master-cyl, brake light pressure switch, drums) and tires.
Gas tank refurbed by GAS TANK RENU in Waller, TX with new fuel gauge sending unit.
Updated old style points with Pertronix ignition. Replaced starter, solenoid and battery cables as well as all belts and hoses.
Mounted 2 new Sony Xplod 6×9 speakers in nice boxes under the dash, but never added a stereo.
Replaced tail light and turn signal lenses, repainted bulb housings.
Replaced headlight switch, driver’s door lock, door and window seals, generator and fuel pump.
Added reclining seats, updated to halogen headlights, rebuilt radiator with larger core (Crowder’s Radiator).
Recent DieHard-Gold battery.
This truck is ready to drive away and has a current Texas inspection tag. Out of time and money to finish the body work.
If you’re looking for a solid Econoline pick-up that’s ready to hum along another 50 years, this is it. None of the new or replaced parts have more than 2500 miles on them, the engine, tranny and diffo have less than 1500.
There are quite a few extra/spare parts and such, as well as the 1961 shop manual. Repair receipts and other historical papers included date back to the 1990s.

Asking price is $4,500. Is it really worth the asking price? See the ad here.

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  1. tonyola Avatar

    I think I'd rather find one in more original condition where I wouldn't have to undo someone else's modifications. Just finding a replacement tailgate wouldn't be very easy.

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      They're getting pretty hard to find though, man. I spent nearly a year looking for a CF pickup and finally gave up. Maybe I just need to move out west.

  2. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Sounds steep, even for the work done. I paid $250 for my non-runner that had been sitting for a decade, and got it started up again in about two hours effort. If only the engine matched the exterior…

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    Man, 2 in a row! I do live in Austin, so the weird is easy to find.
    This thing, oh, the baby vomit green just kills it. Also, any car that has been owned by a clown is readily crack.

  4. B72 Avatar

    I love the western definition of "Really Rusty". Up here in the Northeast if you can't see the drivers feet working the pedals through the holes in the fender, it's only "slightly rusty".