Hooniverse Weekend Edition – A 1958 Ford F-100 Panel Truck

Continuing on with our early Panel Truck Weekend, here is an original California Panel Truck, that has at one time received a heart transplant. Compere the details of this 1958 Ford to the 1956 version that was posted earlier. So, it this one more desirable?

According to the listing:

For Sale – My ’58 Ford F-100 Panel Truck, a, “piece of my heart”, since 1973. It was very loved, and not for sale when I bought it. The previous owner, a dear friend, told me, “If you ever need a vehicle, I’ll sell you my Panel”. A few months later, I needed one. The 5-digit odometer now displays 13,108 miles. I bought it with approximately 140,000 miles on it. I put on 25,000 miles, then in 1975, replaced the tired and original 292 V8 and 3spd standard, with a factory-fresh Ford 360 V8 and matching 3spd standard. I’ve driven it about 48,000 miles since, primarily between 1975 and 1980, for a grand total of 213,108 California miles. The engine and transmission swap was professionally done, even keeping the original hydraulic clutch, and, the generator. My Panel is not perfect. It is 54 years-old. It has nuances and flaws. I am 58 years-old. I have nuances and flaws. That being said, it is probably one of the finest, non-restored , California ’58 Ford Panels available, anywhere. There are no rust issues. Both the interior top and rear sides were insulated. The sides were wood-paneled and the entire top was wood kerf framed in mahogany and then upholstered. Speaker boxes were built into the sides, with Pioneer 6 X 9 inch speakers, which I know do not mean much in today’s world. The factory steel wheels were professionally off-set (reversed). The Panel needs new tires and king pins.

It’s a great story, and te price is considerably cheaper that the previous Panel. Currently, the top bid is $2,247.22, with an unmet reserve. The Buy-it-Now price is $9,950, which pts this in the realm of affordability. See the listing here, and tell me if this is the Panel Truck of your dreams.

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