Hooniverse Weekend Edition – A 1957 Rochester Fuel Injection Promotional Film

I guess this Easter Weekend edition of Hooniverse will contain a number of videos, and here’s another. This is a very early promotional film on the Rochester Fuel Injection system that was optional in the 1957 Chevrolet car line. This tends to get a little long winded for anyone but engineerd™, but it is history, and you can only see it after the jump….

Ok, here’s a test. What was this film about? Answer now…

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  1. skitter Avatar

    It's clearly a Don Quixote-style allegory for the heretical false ideals every hoon is tempted by.
    I'll watch the video now.

  2. dmilligan Avatar

    That's a great old film. I was half expecting Superman to show up somewhere. I never had a chance to fool around with the old Rochester fuel injection, and it's interesting to see how it worked. Quite the bulky set up.

  3. mdharrell Avatar

    I was not expecting GM to superimpose the image of a luminous, disembodied, trepanned skull hovering over their engine from 6:47 to 7:02, but I guess that just shows how little I understand about marketing.