Hooniverse Weekend Edition – 1970 Buick GSX vs 1987 Buick GNX

Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend. This time I thought I would tempt you all with cars currently for sale on eBay (Yes, again), only this time I want you to vote for the car that you think is the best value, or the most powerful, or the one that tugs at your heartstrings the most. Let’s start out with two of the most Iconic Buick Musclecars built, a 1970 Buick GSX that was stored in a museum for most of its life, and a 1987 Buick GNX with less than 6,000 miles on the odometer.

The 1970 Buick GSX was a very rare car with only 678 built, and this particular car was one of only 278 built with the standard (non Stage-1) 455 CID V-8 under the hood. The seller claims that this is the last GSX built for the 1970 model year, which makes it rather special.

According to the listing:

1970 Buick GSX ia an amazing piece of automotive history. One of the finest examples of an original numbers matching GSXs in the world. This Buick was previously part of the famous Otis Chandler Collection and was later sold to a museum in Japan, where it was on display for over 20 years but not driven. This 52945 mile car is 100% original except for 1 repaint, the front spoiler and the door sill plates. The original front spoiler and door sill plates are included with the car. Flawless Saturn Yellow paint. Full GSX Historical documentation shows that this was the 638th GSX produced in 1970. Options include non-stage 1 455 CI V8 with Turbo Hydra-matic 400 transmisssion, power brakes, performance axle with positive traction (3.42 ratio), rally ride control package, rally steering wheel, sonomatic radio, color coordinated headlamp bezels, hood tachometer and rally wheels. The original interior is in incredible condition. It has been stored in a climate controlled garage since leaving the museum in Japan. This 1970 Buick GSX needs absoluetly nothing. This GSX comes with all reciepts from the last owner and includes the documentation from Japan.

Of course, all this rarity isn’t exactly cheap, and the bidding is currently at $46,600 with only 12 hours to go as of this writing. Has it met reserve? Of course it hasn’t, and I expect the seller to want much more than the current bid. Take a look at the listing, and tell me if this Solar Yellow Buick GSX the Buick Musclecar of your dreams, or are you waiting for another?

The 1987 Buick Grand National GNX was also a very rare Buick, with only 547 built. This was the very last year for the Turbocharged Grand National, and Buick went out in style. These cars were produced in cooperation with McLaren Performance Technologies/ASC, and received a special Garrett T-3 turbocharger, and a significantly larger capacity intercooler, to help boost the horsepower rating to 276 hp and 360 lb/ft of torque. Many in the industry thought that was underrated, but who cares, right?

According to the listing:

The Buick GNX was the ultimate American car of the 1980s. The turbocharged, intercooled V-6 was rated at a modest 276 hp and 360ft/lbs of torque. There were many changes made to the GNX models to accommodate the power increase, these changes include a specially programmed 200R4 hydromantic transmission, a special differential, rear axle pan hard bar and torque resisting ladder bars. Buick advertised the GNX model as the fasted accelerating production car at the time of its release. This particular GNX has 5,480 original miles and is 100% stock. This car is #468 out of the 547 GNX models built. This car is originally in Reggie Jackson’s collection before ending up in the OVERSTREET HOUSE OF CARS collection… like all the GNX models this car comes loaded with air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power steering, and power brakes…

Once again, because of the rarity of these cars, the asking price is nothing short of astonishing, with a starting bid of $69,900. No indication of reserve, but this car is currently the most expensive Grand National on the site. Take a look at the listing here, and tell me if this Black on Black GNX will make you feel like Darth Vader, and if the asking price is worth going over to the Dark Side.

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