Hooniverse Weekend Edition: 1967 Intermeccanica Italia found on Ebay

Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica was founded in 1959 and initially made tuning kits made for various cars, but went on to design and build a number of prototype and production sports cars during the 1960s. One of those cars is this one, the Italia which was originally called the Torino. 500 of these beautiful cars were built, and this is the very first one, or so the seller claims.

Intermeccanica produced these cars at a rate of only 100 per year, so they were largely hand-constructed. The had various Ford V-8 engines, but this one has a Ford 289 CID V-8. The car is not quite 100%, so there are things to be done like re-finishing the interior, the exhaust system needs to be attended to, and other small but important items need to be replaced. Other than that, its a rare car that needs to be saved, but at the current bid of just over $37,000 with the reserve not met, is it just too much money? Hoons, have your say…..

If you want to see the Ebay Listing, go here.

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  1. njhoon Avatar

    Refinish the interior? No way leave it as is, just a little cleaning. If I had boat loads of money, this would be at Che Hoon. Very cool car, I have always read about these but never saw one, awesome.

  2. junkman Avatar

    This car is what a real hybrid automobile should be: beautiful Italian coachwork mated to a brawny American V8. Add the fact that these cars were essentially handbuilt in extremely limited numbers, I'd call this a bargain at anything under $50k.

  3. MarionCobretti Avatar

    It's too much money for me, but I'd say the price is perfectly reasonable. Compare it to a Pantera, which is also beautiful Italian coachwork (though less classy/more ridiculous) stuffed with Ford V8.
    If I were the sort of person who cared about such things, I'd be afraid of spending 50K and having someone think it was a kit car built on top of a Mustang.

  4. CptSevere Avatar

    What a gorgeous car. Given its rarity, and the fact that it's in decent original condition, the price seems about right. The fact that it has a Ford V8 and not some outrageously complicated Italian desmodromic multivalve injected mechanical nightmare makes the thought of owning this less intimidating. If you can work on your pickup truck you could work on this.

  5. buzzboy7 Avatar

    Is it just me or do those look like 289 HiPo manifolds?

  6. Madidus Avatar

    It looks just like a 240Z from the front.
    Good thing?
    Bad thing?
    You be the judge.
    For 37k though, I can think of a few more options.

  7. tonyola Avatar

    This looks like the sort of car I was crudely drawing in my notebooks during my interminable seventh grade social studies classes. $37k is a lot of money for what is essentially a pre-assembled kit car (it's not nearly as sophisticated or developed as, say, an Iso Grifo), but it does look great.

  8. Al Santoro Avatar
    Al Santoro

    I would have to agree that this is all the money for the car in this condition, in this market.. I am familiar with the Italia / Torino/ Omega as I own one. It appears that the front end may have been replaced as I don't see the shock towers in the engine compartment. Whether it is number one or not is verifiable as a new book has been published on the Marque, containing a registry of the cars and their seirail numbers. I believe #1 was a yellow convertible. It is also listed on Hemmings at a higher price.

    1. dan Avatar

      There is a book? I would love to know Where. I am slowly restoring a Later Italia/351C and have found very little usable info on it.

  9. Just me Avatar
    Just me

    The car in the photo is well documented and is the # 14 car. It was owned for over 35 years by the person that ran the original Intermeccanica club. The number #1 (convertible) Torino was (is) yellow and was owned by the same family in CA for almost 40 years years prior to being sold a few years ago.

  10. andy dlugosz Avatar
    andy dlugosz

    hey i own a 1968 italia conv
    and would like to talk to any other owners out there
    please pass this along i do auto restoration work owned mine since 1983 and it hasnt been on the road since then
    andy in new jersey