Hooniverse Weekend Edition: 1967 Intermeccanica Italia found on Ebay

Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica was founded in 1959 and initially made tuning kits made for various cars, but went on to design and build a number of prototype and production sports cars during the 1960s. One of those cars is this one, the Italia which was originally called the Torino. 500 of these beautiful cars were built, and this is the very first one, or so the seller claims. Intermeccanica produced these cars at a rate of only 100 per year, so they were largely hand-constructed. The had various Ford V-8 engines, but this one has a Ford 289 CID V-8. The car is not quite 100%, so there are things to be done like re-finishing the interior, the exhaust system needs to be attended to, and other small but important items need to be replaced. Other than that, its a rare car that needs to be saved, but at the current bid of just over $37,000 with the reserve not met, is it just too much money? Hoons, have your say….. If you want to see the Ebay Listing, go here.

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