Hooniverse Weekend Edition: 15 Agonizing Automotive Atrocities, according to Autopia

Virtually every car blog seems to have a top ten listing of the worst automobiles ever offered for sale to the public, and the guys over at Autopia took things a little higher, with the top fifteen Agonizing Automotive Atrocities. Some of them have been discussed in the past, while others are rather questionable. This piece was posted on May 10th, and the author, Keith Barry, was quite candid in his choices. The usual suspects were covered including the Yugo GV, the Pontiac Aztek, and the Cadillac Cimarron. According to the article:

Not all cars rose to level of infamy embodied by the Yugo. To paraphrase Shakespeare, some cars were born awful while others had awfulness thrust upon them. Some automotive atrocities were the result of automakers trying something new and falling far short of the mark, while other cars failed from a lack of effort. Still others were perfectly adequate cars but came to represent a regrettable moment in time.

I wanted to highlight a couple of questionable entries. One was the 1911 Reeves Octoauto, in which the M.O. Reeves Co., located in Columbus Indiana simply attached 2 more axles, and four more tires to an existing Overland. It was a failure. Then there is the 1974 Highway Aircraft Corporation Fascination. It was suppose to be powered with a propeller, but was instead powered by a VW engine and a transaxle. Five vehicles were built before the company collapsed. Why not read the entire article at Autopia here. Hat Tip to my California based brother Patrick. Image Credits are all buried within the original article at Autopia.

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