Hooniverse Weekend Edition: 10 Awesome Gadgets to Annoy Other Road Users

Isn’t it annoying when someone swerves out in front of you on the road? Do you find yourself thinking up a million ways to really irritate them? This list is from the Train Horn Blog (Gee, there’s a blog for almost everything!) and thanks to Amy (Thanks, Amy!) we can now read all about these Awesome and Annoying Gadgets…. So that I won’t spoil the entire post over there, I will just list the highlights: The 10 Awesome Gadgets to Annoy Other Road Users are: 1. LED Car Signal 2. A Car Horn That Can Be Heard 9 Miles Away 3. Star Trek Horn 4. Software That Can Disable Cars 5. Bicycle Horn Honks at 115db – That’s Jet Plane Loud 6. Pimp Your Honk with Horntones 7. The Bike to Destroy Other Road Users 8. The Car Exhaust That Can Shatter Glass 9. A car stereo that can kill you? 10. Avalanche Causing Train Horn Most of the list has videos that illustrate how awesome they are. Well, maybe not all that awesome, as this may be just another lame list. Oh what the hell, enjoy it anyway.

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