Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – Two GM Wagons from the 50s

Welcome to another edition of Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday, and this time I thought I would show you a couple of GM wagons that were built during the 1950s, A 1954 Buick Special Estate Wagon, and a 1956 Pontiac Chieftan Wagon. Both of these wagons were built during the peak of the General Motors influence during this particular decade. So are these wagons anywhere desirable?

First, let’s discover the 1954 Buick Special Wagon, and according to the Dealer Listing:

In 1954, Buick reintroduced the Century using the same formula of mating the smaller, lighter Buick Special body to its largest and most powerful 322 cubic inch V8 engine with the intent of giving Buick a performance vehicle. Included in the model lineup during this period was a station wagon model, a body style that had been unavailable during the Century’s first production period of 1936 to 1942. Offered for auction is this absolutely stunning 1954 Buick Special Estate Wagon is a super rare model with only 1,650 being produced. This wagon is pristine and has been fully restored to like new condition. Features include a 264 Nailhead V8 engine with automatic transmission, power steering, two tone cloth and Cordaveen interior, and wire wheels on whitewall tires.

Mileage of this wagon is undisclosed, but the restoration looks great, but is it worth the $33,500 asking price? I know it is a rather rare model, but I’m not sure that non-woodie models have reached this pinnacle yet. See the listing here, and tell me what you think.

Next, let’s take a look at this 1956 Pontiac Chieftan Wagon that was once a prop for a very popular television show. According to the dealer>

This 1956 Pontiac Chieftain Wagon is not just any old wagon, this is the actual OZZIE AND HARRIET wagon which appeared in the first family sitcom the NELSON family. Complete documentation is available. This is an original 1956 Pontiac, not restored, but has had one repaint. The car is in absolutely beautiful condition with factory AC, PS, PB, power seat and yes, everything works. Owner claims the car has 50,995 miles since new. Own a piece of Hollywood history, super rare and documented car with 316 V8, 227HP w/dual exhaust.

Having a wagon built in 1956 with Factory Air Conditioning is unique enough, and couple that with the provenance of having been on a 50s television show, the asking price is not out of the realm of possibility at $24,500. Do any of you even remotely remember this television series (I hardly remember it myself) and is it enough to make this wagon desirable? See the dealer listing here, and tell me what you think.

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