Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – An Avocado 1974 Ford Pinto Wagon

Here at Hooniverse we have a long standing tradition of showcasing forgotten, and sometimes regrettable wagons on Wednesday, and here’s one now. This is a pristine, Avocado Green 1974 Ford Pinto Wagon that is well equipped. The only thing missing is the Vinyl Wood overlay with good reason… It’s not a Squire.

Ford Motor Company introduced the Pinto in three different versions at different intervals, unlike what Chevy did with the Vega. The Pinto was introduced to the American public on September 11, 1970, but only in its 2-door sedan configuration. The Chevy Vega Hatchback caught Ford by surprise, and the Pinto Runabout was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show on February 21, 1971, and went officially on sale five days later. The wagon was introduced over a year later, and went on to become a best seller.

According to the dealer listing:

A true time capsual , original paint, interior and unmolested engine compartment wearing the original decals, we were told this car has not been driven in rain , was owned by a librarian in Kentucky, original bill of sale , owners card , recipts since new and one owner , one of the finest Pinto Station wagons in the country. There are no electrical problems with this vehicle. Vehicle is defect free. There is not a door ding present on this vehicle. The vehicle engine runs very, very smooth. Well maintained exterior is extra clean. This vehicle was kept in the garage. This vehicle was owned by a non-smoker. The interior is in extra clean condition. All available records show the odometer reading on this vehicle to be accurate. There is no trouble shifting this transmission. There are no records of any prior collision damage. Become only the second owner of this vehicle. New tires were just put on this vehicle.

Mileage for this green on green Pinto is a little over 51,000 miles, and the dealers is asking $10,990. It has most of the options available at that time including A/C, and an AM FM Stereo. This is a very cute and very reasonable wagon, but I want to know what you think. Is a 1974 Pinto Wagon even remotely desirable? See the Dealer Listing here, and discuss.

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