Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – A Last Year Plymouth Valiant Wagon

Welcome to another Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday. The editors here on the Verse that is Hoon all love Station Wagons in some form or another. They can be Modern (Like This Cadillac CTS-V) Foreign and Obscure (Like This Lada), Malaise Vinyl Covered Beasts (Like this Country Squire), or Truck Based (Like this Suburban). Today, we have this rather rare 1966 Plymouth Valiant Wagon equipped with a 273 CID V-8, Factory Air Conditioning, and a 4-speed stick. Only 13 Valiant Wagons were built with the 4-speed for 1966, and it looks like this was the only one that left the factory with A/C…

The Plymouth Valiant was one of the more popular cars produced by Chrysler, and the second generation Valiant (from 1963 to 1966) were better received by the public than the Virgil Exner styled first generation Valiants. The man who replaced Exner, Elwood Engel, managed to cleanup some of the fussy details of the second generation Valiant, but wasn’t able to fully eliminate all the detailing from the Wagon. You see, the sedans and the convertible had their rear fenders modified just before introduction with smaller wheel openings. The wagon didn’t, and was just a reskin of the 1960-1962 wagons. The wagons survived until 1966.

According to the dealer who is selling this 1 of 1 wagon:

California car, very original, 1 of 13 four speed wagons built and the only one known to have factory air conditioning! One owner for many years. Excellent original documentation including window sticker, warranty card and fender tag.

Take a look at the inside shot with the stick-shift. That’s a Hurst item that was standard in all 4-speed manual equipped Valiants, as well as the companion Dodge Dart. The V-8 produced 180HP with the standard camshaft (which is in this car) and the mileage is undisclosed. Still, this car commands an asking price of $24,900. See the dealer listing here, and tell me if you think it’s worth it.

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