Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – A 1971 Plymouth Custom Suburban Wagon with only 14,000 miles!

Welcome to another Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday feature, and you guys know I love the Malaise Era Wagons. Here is a gorgeous Plymouth Custom Suburban Wagon, bathed in Malaise Brown, and sporting only 14,000 miles. This car was featured on Bring-a-Trailer for some reason of another (aren’t they like Eurocentric?), but we are the only auto site on the net that has a special day just for wagons… According to the listing, this car has had only 2 owners since new, and is now part of an estate sale. There are only a couple of defects the dealer has noticed, including a fuel gauge that is stuck on empty and a split in the vinyl seat on the drivers side. But come on, look at this beauty. This Plymouth is either powered by the 318 CID V-8 or the 360 CID V-8, both of which makes rather modest horsepower, but can easily be tuned to produce more. The transmission is the robust 3-speed Torqueflite, which should provide years of trouble free service. While it doesn’t come with A/C, or any other power features, so what? You can add in vintage air, and just cruise. The asking price for this cool low mileage wagon is $8,750 which is really quite a bargain in my opinion. Take a look at the eBay listing here, and see if you agree with me.

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