Hooniverse via Fuzzygalore.com: The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Rachael over at Fuzzygalore.com recently visited the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, located in Leeds, Alabama. The place is absolute Heaven for the Motorcycle Enthusiast, so for Two-Wheel Tuesdays, I thought it was time to share this post here.

According to Rachael (who is often called Fuzzy) states in her posting:

For a motorcycle lover, the Barber Museum could be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It houses an incredibly beautiful and diverse array of over 1200 motorcycles on it’s 4 stories, a research library and just happens to have a racetrack in it’s backyard.

The moment you step through the darkly tinted doors of the museum the first word that escapes your lips is “Wow.” The feeling of the space is almost like you are in a sacred place, a church of motorcycling. The initial view of the towering column of motorcycles at the core of the building is a sight to behold.

To read more of her posts, as well as certain models she picks as her favorites, go to her blog (Fuzzygalore.com). To find out more about Rachael, click here!

Image Source: Fuzzygalore.com

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    The Greatest. Museum. Ever.
    Sure, I have not been to that many museums, but Barber is amazing. There are huge windows that overlook the track, motorcycles lined along the elevator and just awesome, awesome stuff. When I visited, my dad and I were on our way from Roswell, NM to Myrtle Beach, SC to pick up a motorcycle he bought on Ebay. This was our one break from driving, and it was totally worth it. Awesome, awesome stuff.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      Yeah, this place looks fascinating. I'd love to see it. Hey, I'm curious, what kind of bike did your dad buy? I'll bet it was really something to warrant that kind of trip to pick it up.

      1. muthalovin Avatar

        Man, it was quite the haul. We did the drive over Easter weekend in 2006. My dad had been seeing this turbo Hayabusa making its rounds on Ebay, and it popped up again at a really reasonable price. So he contacted the seller and said we would come and check it out, and if it was good, he would buy it. God, in retrospect, I am glad it all worked out. Anyway, my dad usually swaps bikes every year, but he has had the turbo 'Busa ever since. He loves that thing. I wish I had some pictures on Picasa, but sadly I don't. It is not all chromed out and does not stretched out, so its good at the strip and its good on the twisties. It is very stock looking, and runs low 9's at the drag strip in Roswell.

        1. CptSevere Avatar

          Anybody who has the stones to buy, let alone ride or drag race a turbo Hayabusa, is a man among men. My hat's off to your dad.

  2. FЯeeMan Avatar

    Wow, even the displays themselves are museum-worthy!
    I'm not the biggest motorcycle guy, but I do appreciate beauty on wheels, beautifully displayed!

  3. raphaelinberlin Avatar

    So I have a question, seeing that there are losts of museum postings on this site, from the warehous parked-in-a-grid style to the serious art production type. My question is, what makes a great car/bike musuem? What do you look for in a museum? What stands out?

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      I'm no expert, but whenever you're in a museum that has things there that make you jump up and down and clap your hands like a five year old, or make you wish you were a dog and had a tail to wag, you're in a museum that you approve of. That's pretty much what makes it work for me. It's subjective, really. I've had a better time discovering things at county historical society museums than I have at the Smithsonian or at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. It's something you just have to go see, and form your own opinion. Either way, you'll learn something, and that's always good.

  4. alex Avatar

    This is one of the finest museums I have ever seen. Worth a special trip. Go there. Enjoy it.

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