Hooniverse Van-Tastic Weekend – The Early Ford Econoline

Ford’s answer to the popular VW Type 2 van was the Ford Econoline, with the Falcon nameplate used for the passenger versions to tie in with the new Ford Compact. These vans were an immediate hit, with the Bell Telephone Company placing sizable orders. Over 36,000 were sold in the debut year, and sales numbers went up from there. They were utterly conventional, cheap to maintain, and were relatively cheap to buy second hand. I found at least three for sale recently…

Our first contestant is a 1965 Econoline Van located near Ocean City, Maryland. According to the listing:

Body is in good shape with some rust. Has been restored, but could use some work. Straight 6, 3 on the tree. 35,000 on a rebuilt engine. The Carb has been rebuilt, new fuel pump, one new brake drum, two new tires. 

Visor was custom-made, and on the vehicle when we purchased it. The van isn’t currently running well. It has a manifold leak that prevents proper idle and causes engine to periodically shut off. Power steering not standard on this year/model. I believe I am the 3rd owner and have owned it for 5 years.

With a little over 8 hours left (as of this writing) there isn’t a bid on this truck. $3,995 is the starting bid, which is all the money for this truck. See the listing here.

Our next Ford Econoline is actually a Falcon Wagon variant. It is a 1966 model, and is a little worse for wear. the listing is brief and to the point. The images are crap, and the only reason I am highlighting it is because there isn’t a lot out there.

This has six days to go, currently sitting with a high bid of $1,080.88, with an unmet reserve. Is this Falcon Van worth restoring at a buy-it-now price of $2,500, or should it just meet its maker in a pile of iron oxide? See the listing here.

Our third Econoline is also a Falcon variant that spent most of its life in Greenwich Village NYC. It is currently for sale in Mississippi, and according to the listing:

1962 ford falcon van for sale. three speed manual transmission, three on the tree, fingertip shifting. i am the third owner. the first owner kept the van in a garage for decades in greenwich village, nyc. i bought it from an owner in park slope, brooklyn. there are no dents. its never been in an accident. 

its been a smoke-free van. there are pressurized breaks, a new exhaust manifold, new starter, relay starter, and master cylinder. runs very well, no nagging issues. the exterior is fine with a few rust spots, but thats expected with a 50 year old antique. its a beauty. people stop and talk to you about it everywhere. lots and lots of cargo space with plenty of easy access with the 6 doors.

This has a Buy-it-Now price of $6,000. To me, that seems to be a bit much, but what do you think? See the listing here.

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  1. Mad_Hungarian Avatar

    I wouldn't write off the brown van. I would paint it some color other than poop, for heavens sake, though. The seller is an eBay newbie which accounts for the poor pix. Given that it is in Modesto, CA it has some chance of not being a rust bucket. The area around the LR wheel looks like peeling off cheapo paint more than corrosion — and, hey, the seller says there is no "cacer." Definitely merits further investigation.

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      Yeah, it actually looks like someone spilled something aggressive on it. Look at that body seam, not a bubble to be seen. To those of us in the salt-belt, that looks like heaven.

  2. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    Brown van!!
    And I could be there in 2 hours. Tempting, is this one…

  3. jeremy![™] Avatar

    1965 is a winner in my heart.

  4. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Sweet vans. I might go with the gray one. But the Falcon windows are always nice.

  5. boxdin Avatar

    Where's the interiors? That's what a nice van is about.