Hooniverse Van-Tastic Weekend – A 1968 GMC Handivan

Continuing on with the Hooniverse Van-Tastic Weekend, here is a van you don’t find anywhere anymore. This is a GMC Handivan, which shares almost all of the sheet metal, chassis, engines, and practically everything else with the Chevrolet G-Series van of the same vintage.

When General Motors brought out the Corvan in 1961, the GMC Truck Division was left out of the equation. This was resolved in 1964, when the Chevy G-Series and the GMC Handivan were introduced, eventually replacing the Corvair Van. The early models could be identified by the flat front windshield, while the 1968 face lift featured a more rounded appearance. The featured Handivan is one of those 1968 models, and according to the listing:

GMC Handivan. Completely restored. Custom interior, white pine paneling, beige carpet on floor and ceiling; 250 6-cylinder, 3-speed on the column, great on gas! Aluminized exhaust, Outlaw II wheels, new tires, brakes. Over $10,000 invested.

Asking price for this rarefied GMC? $6,000, which again seems high…. See the listing here.

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7 responses to “Hooniverse Van-Tastic Weekend – A 1968 GMC Handivan”

  1.  Avatar
  2. Feds_II Avatar

    Gotta pay to play. You'd never be able to start with a sub-$6000 van and get it this nice for less than $6000. That said, with no interior shots, you may still need to spend 2-3000 to make it nice inside. White pine is not the oak of trim woods, nor is it the Cadillac of cars. Or something like that.

  3. facelvega Avatar

    For me it's a tough call so far between this one and the overpriced two-tone dodge. This van is probably less egregiously overpriced and in a better state of repair as far as we can see, but it lacks the charm and style that the dodge has in spades, and the pics of the dodge's undercarriage show near-zero rust, though from the waterlogged paneling, it does look like the door bottoms will need some attention. All that seems like it may have been done on this one.
    Once we're into this kind of money, though, I think back to those corvair greenbriers we were talking about a while ago, which might beat all other comers this weekend.

  4. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    It's nice, and the price is more justified than for that green Econo. Still unlikely to spring for it. The paint looks so good, I'd be checking the corners, wheel wells and rockers for rust and bondo very carefully.

  5. Rick Andolina Avatar
    Rick Andolina

    Don't know were you put 10,000 dollars in this Van, But I'm looking for a 69 short wheel base Van, all I want is primer gray and the inside NOT done cause I want to do this, also I would like a 350 sm block, So to spend 6,000 for your Van and have to change the motor strip the paint and change rims and tires add sidepips and do the inside the way I want you would have to come way way down in price and want to talk call me my name is Rick 954) 401-5809

  6. connie maas Avatar
    connie maas

    is this for sale?

  7. Roy hall Avatar
    Roy hall

    Love to buy a van I c blue handy van 1968GMC NEED TO KNOW WHERE U R AT ..NOT TO SAVEY WITH COMPUTERS. IAM ROY HALL N OHIO PHONE IS 740 637 2685