Hooniverse Truck Thursday – Attention Race Fans: Your new tow vehicle awaits…

Welcome to Hooniverse Truck Thursday. Hey, it looks like my time slot has been hijacked, so this posting is appearing a little later than usual, but it is well worth the wait. Many of us are die hard auto enthusiasts and happen to take part in many motoring events. Be it dirt bikes, slalom events, LeMons, boating, or snowmobiling, we all like our machines. Inevitably, we also need a dependable rig to tow our toys, heaps, junk to these events, and here is a perfect and affordable truck to do so.

This is a 1977 Ford F-250 Extended Cab Camper Special Pickup. The Camper Special was built by Ford to haul around a slide in Truck Camper, or to tow your large home away from home. This particular truck has the monster 460 CID V-8 under the hood, with a load rated 3-Speed Automatic specifically engineered for severe duty.

This truck is also equipped with a few options that were just starting to become popular, like Factory Air Conditioning, twin eighteen gallon fuel tanks, an extra battery, a storage compartment built under the bed, aluminum running boards, two-tone paint, and fog lamps. The Super Cab was introduced by Ford in 1974 and was gaining in popularity by the time this truck left the assembly line.

According to the listing:

1977 Ford F250 Extended Cab, Camper Edition. 2 wheel dr. 3/4 ton, Factory original, showroom condition in and out. 104k mi. Factory overload springs, larger radiator, backup battery and camper ready electrical. 460 ci, automatic transmission(matching #’s)Running boards,slider,spray bedliner, back-up camera, brake controller, 2- 18 gallon tanks. fog lights. Interior upholstery original and flawless. New exterior paint, clearcoat, no rust.

Asking price for this genuine work horse? $7,500. See the AutoTrader listing here. So is this truck worth coveting, or is it just not your cup-o-tea?

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  1. acarr260 Avatar

    For less money, you can pick up a Chevy dually of comparable vintage. Even in such nice condition, I don't think the market would support that price here in Indiana.

  2. SSurfer321 Avatar

    I believe there is a buyer out there for that truck at that price.
    It's just not me.

  3. Alff Avatar

    I like it, but since my pickup is the vehicle of choice for snowy days and muddy farm chores 4WD is a prerequisite.

  4. P161911 Avatar

    Seems to be priced a little on the high side. I don't think there trucks are really seen as collectible yet and there are newer models out there for less money. This is approaching the price up a good used diesel version.
    Maybe it is only the F-350, but I was thinking there was something about the Camper Special package that gave you a different wheel base from the standard models, but the same OAL.

    1. GTXEliminator Avatar

      To my knowledge the Camper Special doesn't give you a special wheelbase. I'd disagree with you on the collectablity, these trucks have been known to fetch 20,000 on a semi-regular basis. I'd say they have the largest following of all of the generations of the Ford trucks. The price on this one is pretty steep though, if it was a 4×4 it'd be worth the price easily though.

    2. scoutdude Avatar

      It was the Single Rear Wheel F350 that gave you the extra long wheel base and spare tire storage in the side of the bed in the same general area as the side mount on a step side but between the inner panel and the door in the outside of the bed. That was done so the front axle carried more of the weight, assuming the load was centered in the bed, so it didn't need load range E tires.

  5. citroen67 Avatar

    No computer, no sensors, and mechanically friendly in the event of a roadside breakdown? If I had to tow cross state, or perhaps cross country…I'd say let's break out the R-12, recharge the A/C, and let's get going!
    Everything is negotiable. I say offer him six, and settle on a figure somewhere in the middle. Other than the mpg's, that truck would be just as useful as a new Pooper-Duty…and without the huge payment. When you compare a $650/month(or more!) truck payment…I could buy this old bitch a lot of reliability for $650/month.

  6. Maymar Avatar

    It looks like it should be driven by a geriatric wearing a non-ironic trucker's hat, adhering to the speed limit with Germanic precision. But ditch the running boards and hubcaps, and it might be pretty cool.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      Yeah, ditch the running boards, but hey, those are the factory wheelcovers for the F-250 and F-350 from that era. The thing that's hardest to used to is the windshield, like looking out a gunslit.

  7. Lotte Avatar

    Maybe not a tow rig per se, just a dependable pick-'em up truck in your case. As in pick up the KV and the yellow one and put them in the back. It would be perfect if the bed opened up from the side…

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      [youtube Sh45lLlrzHU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh45lLlrzHU youtube]

      1. Black Steelies Avatar

        YES! I forgot about those ads.
        Now the Cadillac was a douchey vehicle, and Rock n'Roll by Led Zep isn't the classiest song for a supposed luxury carmaker but I would just about run to the living room to see Caddy's rolling to that soundtrack.

  8. Lotte Avatar

    Holy crap a 136 litre fuel tank!! I imagine that'll be great to have on a road trip.
    Also, another reason to have more toggle switches: "Tank 1 empty, preparing switch-over to tank two start procedure, opening valve for tank 2, check, tank one main valve closed, confirm sealed, positive, fuel flow, positive, all systems normal and running on Tank 2."*
    *for illustration purposes only; may not be mechanically correct.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      If it's anything like the '78 XLT Lariat Edition (oooh!) my father used to have, the tanks are controlled by the vertical chrome toggle above the right-hand side of the radio, despite the fact that this switch always seems like it should instead control some aspect of the HVAC. Handy, but not nearly as dramatic as your illustration. Probably cost Ford some sales.

    2. OA5599 Avatar

      Actually, you just wait for it to start sputtering like it's running out of gas, flip the dashboard switch, and assuming you remembered to fill the other tank, continue on your way.
      At least Ford put both gas caps on the same side of the truck. Chevy/GMC's of that era with the infamous saddle tanks had to be filled from opposite sides of the bed. If you got lucky and found a pump with enough hose and parked in the right spot, you could pump from the same pump without moving the truck. If you were at a gas station that wasn't very busy, you could park in the center between two islands and fill both sides at once from two different pumps.

    3. Maymar Avatar

      Moreso necessary really. Estimating 10mpg (23.5L/100kms), this has a range of about 580kms. Without the dual tanks, you'd be looking at 290kms. I hold Toronto (or, well, Keswick) to Windsor – 425kms – as my arbitrary standard of decent range.
      Plus, a $168 fill-up would hurt.

      1. Lotte Avatar

        Good point, now that I work it out the Beige Accord should theoretically do 633 km. I hope this thing gets better than 10 on the highway unloaded.

      2. ptschett Avatar

        10 MPG might be optimistic. We had six of this vintage of Ford pickup at one point. The brown '78 F-150 4×4 with a 400 and a C6 automatic was my daily driver for about 6 months, and 10 MPG is what I got when I was making an effort toward fuel economy (but it did have a 500CFM carburetor and at least a .030 overbore encouraging me toward the other direction.)

  9. muthalovin Avatar

    Yo dawg, I heard you liked tow rigs so I got you a tow rig for your tow rig.

    1. Black Steelies Avatar

      Not a big fan of trucks but this is one of my favorite pictures.
      <img src="http://images.sporttruck.com/featuredvehicles/gmc/0803st_01_z+1989_gmc+hauling.jpg"&gt;

      1. muthalovin Avatar

        The only problem is that they are both Chevys. Aside from that, I approve this tow rig towing the tow rig.

        1. Black Steelies Avatar

          This is one of my favorite body styles for a truck. It probably has a lot to do with this pic.
          I think that's a Toyota hangin' out back. Are you thinking of the LUV?

          1. Paul_y Avatar

            Yeah, that's a previous-gen Taco on that trailer.

      2. Paul_y Avatar

        "Yo dawg I herd you like lowriders…."
        I'd drive that GMC in a heartbeat.
        …but maybe switch it to the round-sealed-beam front end.

  10. muthalovin Avatar

    Clean enough, but, then again, you are paying for it. A tow rig, this sure is, but at that price, it is not for me.

  11. facelvega Avatar

    Why would you ever repaint a pickup? And why doesn't he show us the engine or the bottom of the truck, or mention all the new parts he's put in? In my experience when a listing doesn't give this it means "rust-free" is only paint deep, half of the parts under the hood will need to be changed, and the truck was priced by looking up examples for which that work had been done. Maybe worth a look, but the evidence to show that it might be worth the asking price just isn't there in the listing, and there are always other old F-250s around instead. On the plus side, though, at least it hasn't been turned into a highboy, the options list was pretty solid, and the pristine interior is probably worth an extra grand or so by itself.

    1. GTXEliminator Avatar

      "Why would you ever repaint a pickup?" Why wouldn't you?

      1. facelvega Avatar

        I wouldn't because a pickup truck connotes work, use, and hard living, and should show it. The battle scars of a couple decades add to the look of a truck in my book, and I wouldn't want a truck that I needed to worry about scraping on an embankment o denting when I loaded it up. If I had a grand or two to put into my truck, it would all go into parts and under the surface, and not into the paint.

  12. OA5599 Avatar

    It's neither old enough nor new enough for my tastes, and seems priced a bit high in that it could be outperformed by trucks costing less. Still, it probably hits somebody's sweet spot.

  13. coupeZ600 Avatar

    I love how when you're going to go out for a nice afternoon drive, the temptation is almost irresistible to call up a buddy and say, "Look, I'll buy all the beers after, I got a tow-rope, cables, and a ton of tools,…. Will you just follow me?"

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Follow? I'm happy whenever I can just get someone to ride along and help push.

  14. mdharrell Avatar

    Much better. It only takes one real-world encounter with the standard under-bed spare to appreciate this.

  15. dukeisduke Avatar

    I've always thought that spare tire setup was way cool, not to mention the extra-long wheelbase, that helps with stability. But I've also always liked the storage box idea.

  16. Buickboy92 Avatar

    I LOVE IT!

  17. longrooffan Avatar

    I drove one of these while working at an RV dealer in my teens!! Sweet!!

    1. Black Steelies Avatar

      All your stories, and this has never been brought up? DETAILS!

      1. longrooffan Avatar

        Dude…thanks for the encouragement but this olelongrooffan doesn't want to bore my fellow Hoons anymore than I already do!!

        1. Black Steelies Avatar

          Old RV's are plenty interesting to make up for it. Any deliveries, or just the errands kid? Still beats my first job.

          1. longrooffan Avatar

            Some local deliveries but mostly an errand/wash the units kind of kid. But that does remind me, there is a blog about my dad's Mobilux full size RV and an unplanned trip to a Dallas, Texas junkyard somewhere inside. Thanks for the prompt!

          2. Black Steelies Avatar

            Well thanks for the google prompt. That thing looks like a converted taco truck. Hilarious!
            <img src="http://www.tincantourists.com/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=big_blue.jpg&quot; width="600">
            -tin can tourists

          3. longrooffan Avatar

            Yep…that's it only imagine it in malaise two tone brown with dual a/c units!!

  18. Black Steelies Avatar

    This is the prototypical grandpa truck and probably why everyone has such mixed feelings towards it. It isn't 4×4 and it's too big to have any serious fun with. It isn't a serious towing rig, if you really have to tow something you would have something bigger, if not a smaller truck would do fine. And it isn't the best styling wise, if you happen to buy trucks for their styling you fancypants you. This is the truck you buy because grandpa had one just like it or you are a grandpa and you think it's a "right dandy pick-em-up".

    1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

      HA! My Grandpa had one just like it, only brown & tan! And of course I want one because grandpa had one… get out of my head!
      It was a great truck though, and they actually towed their enormous 5th-wheel across country for many-many years before G'ma decided she wanted a Class-C instead.
      I was more than a bit sad when they eventually sold it. I think he was too.

      1. Black Steelies Avatar

        Seee? Haha.

  19. Paul_y Avatar

    With most vehicles, there's a sweet spot in mileage, where it wouldn't live that long if it wasn't taken care of, but it's clearly not used-up yet. interestingly, that often intersects with the bottom of the depreciation curve for a nice example.
    Still, it is a lot of money for this truck. Someone will want it badly enough, but proletarian American trucks just aren't collectible yet. I see older trucks here in Norcal that are still daily-driven work trucks.

  20. facelvega Avatar

    The interior is the best sign on this listing, can't fake the condition on that. If the repaint came alongside updates and new parts, the seller will tend to want to mention the bits he just spent so much money on. But there's enough there that I'd probably check it out anyway if I was in the market and came across that listing.

  21. Stephen Hood Avatar
    Stephen Hood

    Dad bought one of these used in '83. It wasn't very reliable in '83 so I'm thinking it isn't going to be very reliable in 2011. I was in high school at the time, so I did enjoy the camper special as a date vehicle. I'd offer $3500 and hold back the $4000 for repairs.

  22. Jason Avatar

    Sweet looking truck. My favourite trucks have always been the 1976-77 Ford F350 Camper Special and Super Camper Special