Hooniverse Question of the Weekend: Who has this many dealers*?

So Jim, why did you put the * in the title? That’s a very good question reader, and one that you will find out, after the jump…. The title of this posting would have been way to long if I didn’t use the *. So, here is the rest of the question”

* Who has this many dealers in the United States, and still hasn’t sold a single vehicle? More importantly, would you even consider purchasing a vehicle from this company?

I am speaking of Global Vehicles USA, who are the sole distributors for the Mahindra Clean Diesel Pickup and SUV. We were promised these vehicles at least a couple of years ago, but it seems like the introduction is just being delayed again and again. They are promising vehicles, and they should fit the bill for anyone who is looking for a rugged, economical, and by all accounts, durable pickup. They are suppose to have the carrying capacity of the Domestic 3/4 ton trucks (F250, GM and Ram 2500 series) and still get 30 MPG. I only have one question for these people at Global Vehicles: What the hell is taking so long? Comment away with your thoughts, and don’t hold anything back.

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